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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

For the past 6 months, Buzztime has been running a trivia league competition across North America on Wednesday nights. Now, Teasers in Chicago has been crowned the winner in the latest four-week round of competition from July 19th through August 10th. Check out all the details of this exciting promotion!

How the Competition Works

Buzztime trivia teams can join one of three league divisions – A, B, or C. Every four weeks, a new trivia competition starts up. To join in the competition, players can ask the bar or restaurant owner to join one of the divisions. Every Wednesday, the trivia teams compete in real-time across North America in an intense round of Buzztime SIX Trivia. From Calgary to Santa Fe, these teams challenge each other for a coveted spot on the leaderboard. If a team places in the bottom three of their division, they move down the leaderboard. But if the league is in the top three? They move up, closer to the top spot.

Prizing and Promotion Increased Participation by 18%

To add extra excitement, Buzztime incentivized players in the A Division to compete for a Buzztime Prize Pack containing T-shirts, hats, bottle openers, speakers, stadium backpacks, sunglasses, and water bottles. In addition to prizing, Buzztime sent weekly emails and each bar or restaurant spread the word to their location’s trivia team. The result of these promotional and prizing efforts was an 18% in player participation from the first week to the final week. That means more players wanted in on the friendly competition and fun of Buzztime SIX!

About Buzztime SIX: All Locations Can Participate!

Players at your location don’t need to be in a league to experience the thrill of Buzztime SIX Trivia. Any player can join in Wednesday and Thursday nights at 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET. Questions cover six categories: The Sciences, The World, The Shows, The Past, The Games, and The Arts. SIX Trivia is one of Buzztime’s most popular trivia challenges because it’s highly interactive. In the last round, players actually set the point values for the last six questions. If they feel confident in the category, they can set the point value at 6,000. Or, if the player isn’t strong in a particular category, they can set the value to 1,000.

See the Top 10 Trivia Teams in the Wednesday Trivia League – A Division

WINNER! Teasers – Chicago, IL

Stavro’s Sports Bar – Calgary, AB
Old Chicago Colorado Springs – Colorado Springs, CO
Guido’s Nickel – Lakewood, CO
Emerson Biggins – Wichita, KS
Rochester Mills – Rochester, MI
Ol’ Mexico – Roseville, MN
Spectators Sports Bar and Grill – Albuquerque, NM
Boxcar Bar and Grill – Santa Fe, NM
Torrey Pines Pub – Las Vegas, NV