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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

Convincing the modern spender to leave the comfort of their home can prove challenging – with every app imaginable available in a few taps of their smartphone, consumers have more power than ever to bring what they need to their door. With Yelp, Eat24, and other food service apps, customers have fewer incentives to eat out when ordering in is so convenient and accessible.

Many restaurant and bar owners face other technology-based obstacles once the customer enters their location – people engage less and less with others around them, preferring the isolation of their smartphones to the company of loved ones.

More Smartphones = Fewer Sales

While this may seem an exaggeration, the movement towards smartphones creates a consumer shift that emphasizes shorter social interactions. This translates to shorter meals, and, of most concern, fewer purchases per meal.

How can you keep customers engaged with each other long enough to order another round of drinks, or another plate of appetizers? Facilitating conversation is a top priority for the shrewd restaurant manager, and the answer lies in the problem – use technology for your own mutual benefit.

Be the Bigger, Better Screen

When you invest in Buzztime tabletop tablets, customers have the option to interact with more screens, and therefore more points of contact. Catering to them on only their smartphones keeps the engagement down to one person. When everyone at the table has a tablet they can use to compete together in exciting games, they engage with your brand and product without forfeiting screen time.

The television screens displaying the fast-paced trivia, competitive poker, and addictive arcade games also provide a more exhilarating experience for the customer. Be in control of what they see, and still provide an outlet for their need to be connected to technology. While playing games on your big-screens via the tablet they’ll see integrated marketing promos and targeted advertisements.

Make Their Network Local

The allure of a smartphone boils down to a simple concept – it seemingly connects you to a network of contacts without the hassle of travel and face-to-face interaction. Consumers can feel connected by interacting with each other via smartphone with little energy exerted.

With Buzztime, you connect customers to a global network of fellow players, but you also add the personal touch with a local network of players that customers can interact with immediately. Providing that local network makes your technology exciting, unique, and socially engaging.

With a local network of friends and family playing against players worldwide, customers can really “plug in” while creating lasting memories with the people they came with.

Boost Your Bottom Line

By connecting members of the “isolation era” with technology in your own bar or restaurant, conversations flow and parties stay at the table longer. This translates into a considerable profit boost.

With a system like Buzztime customers stay longer, spend more on additional food and drinks, and leave with a wonderful dining experience that they’ll come back to relive time and time again.
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