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Drink specials are a great way to pack your bar with customers. After all, who doesn’t love a deal? But for customers to order your drink specials, they have to know you’re offering them. This means that you have to announce your new drink specials in a way that gets a ton of attention. Check out the following ways you can announce a new drink special at your bar.

Tweet about it.

Hopefully you’ve already built up a loyal fan base of Twitter followers. Sending out a Tweet about your new drink special is a great way to grab their attention, especially if you time it right. If you have a new happy hour special, schedule your tweet right before people are getting out of work. If it’s a Wednesday night special, be sure to tweet about it on Wednesday afternoon.

Facebook it.

Twitter isn’t the only social media site you can use to reach your customers. Facebook can be just as effective! You can make a bigger splash by making your drink special “Facebook friends only”…just put the password on Facebook and anyone who says the magic word to your bartender will get the discount.

Use calendars.

It takes some planning ahead, but some bars use calendars (either on the wall or on placemats) that list what their drink specials are every night or weekend. This has the benefit of making sure your customers always know exactly what drink special is coming up, which can encourage them to come back. You can even put your calendar on your website (and link to it on Facebook and Twitter) to reach more customers.

Try fliers.

Fliers may be old-fashioned, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Dispatch employees to pass out fliers at local events, like concerts, and drop off fliers at local businesses.

Place ads in local publications.

Chances are your area has several publications. There’s the newspaper, of course, but don’t forget about entertainment magazines or coupon books that go out to area residents.

Chalkboard signs.

Yes, chalkboard signs are pretty basic, but they’re a great way to catch customers’ eyes in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic. Try using a funny or attention-grabbing message to convince customers to check out your special.

Whatever your drink specials are, you need a way to make sure your customers know about them. By using some of these methods, you can get the word out.
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