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I haven’t played since before March 2010 and now I can’t login to play.

Buzztime stopped using the old PIN/Handle technology in March 2010, and now uses a new Username/Password model! We have a FAQ dedicated to our Legacy players that addresses questions about the upgrade that we have made from the old PIN/Handle system, to the new Username/Password model. A Username/Password is now required to log in.

NOTE: If you registered with Buzztime on/after July 8, 2009 you will not need to worry about Legacy PIN/Handle information. You do not need to upgrade your account because you already have a Username/Password. You will not have a PIN associated with your account.

I can’t remember my Username and/or Password. What do I do?

By entering the email address you have associated with your account, we will tell you what your Username is, and give you the option to have an email sent to you so you can reset your password. If this doesn’t work for you please contact us.

I’m trying to retrieve my login information but I’m getting an error.

There are 2 different errors that you can get:

ERROR: The email address you provided does not match an email address in our system
If you get this error it means that we do not have that email address associated with a player account. Try entering another email address. If you can’t figure out which email address is associated with your account you may contact us.

ERROR: That email address exists in our system under multiple accounts
If you get this error it means that you have 2 or more accounts in our system using the same email address. This is a problem as our system is set up to handle an email address as a unique identifier. If you see this error please contact us so that we can clean up our system and make sure you are only under one account.

I can login online, but when I try to login at a location I cannot.

If you are having problems logging in on a Playmaker, but can login to our website just fine, there are a couple things you should check:
Passwords are case sensitive. Check to see if the Caps Lock or Shift button (depending on your Playmaker model) is pushed. You will see a C or s on your screen. This will let you know if the Playmaker is in CAPS (C) or small/lowercase (s) mode. Push the Caps Lock or Shift button to change the case. This button is ‘sticky’ – meaning it functions like a Caps Lock on a computer keyboard.
If you are certain you are using the correct case, try resetting your password online. Do this by logging in online and visiting the EDIT MY INFO page. Here you can change your password. Hint: Create a password using all numbers to avoid having to worry about entering the proper case on your Playmaker!

I keep hearing people talk about a PIN, but I don’t have one. What is a PIN?

If you don’t have a PIN, don’t worry! It just means that you have a new or upgraded account. PINs were only assigned to players who signed up prior to 7/8/09 and has been phased out. PINs are no longer used.

What is the unique identifier for my account?

Your Username and email address will be the unique identifiers network-wide. This means no one in any game site location across the US and Canada, will have the same Username or email address as you.

Can I edit my Username once I have created it?

Yes, you will be able to change your Username by going to EDIT MY INFO. However, by changing your Username, it is possible to lose it to another person who chooses it.

Are Usernames and Passwords only able to contain characters available on the Playmaker?

Yes, only characters available on the Playmaker will be available to create your new Username/Password. Note: Our system does not allow Usernames to start with a number; they must start with a letter.

Can we include numbers, letters and special characters in our Username, Password and Display Name?

Your Username may contain numbers and letters. However, the Username must start with a letter. At this time our system does not allow Usernames to start with a number. Your Display Name (Handle) must be letters only. Your Password can use any of the characters available to you on the Playmaker/keyboard. Note: Passwords are case sensitive, so keep this in mind when choosing one.

Is my Username and Password case-sensitive?

Your Username is NOT case-sensitive. Your Password IS case-sensitive.

Are there minimum/maximum character requirements for the Username, Password and Display Name?

Username is 4-16 characters. Password is 4-16 characters. Display Name is 2-6 characters.

Can my Password be a word? Or does it have to remain numbers?

Your Password can contain letters and numbers. We encourage you to choose a Password that is easy for you to remember and enter on the Playmaker. Remember that Passwords are case-sensitive, so check to see if your Caps Lock or Shift (depending upon your Playmaker model) is active if you get an error message. Hint: Create a password using all numbers to avoid having to worry about entering the proper case on your playmaker!

Can I change my home site?

Yes, you can choose or change a home site online at any time. You may change this at any time online by going to the EDIT MY INFO page.

What happens if I play away from my home site?

When you play at a site other than your home site, you will log in with your Username and Password just like normal! Only difference is that you will see a ^ next to your name to indicate you are a travelling player. Your Username and Password is a universal login, to be used in any Buzztime location, online and mobile.

If my home site location changes, shuts down or no longer carries Buzztime, will this affect my Username/Password login?

No, your Username and Password can be used in any Buzztime location, regardless of your selected home site. You can simply change your home site in the EDIT MY INFO section.

I noticed the website did not log me out from the last time I was here. Why? will keep you logged in until you decide to log out.

Will my online Username/Password be the same Username/Password I use on the Playmaker?

Yes, you will use the same information anywhere you log in to play Buzztime (online, mobile and on location).

I’m having trouble logging in on the Playmaker, have any tips?

There are a few common errors we have seen with players entering their information on the gaming devices.

  1. Make sure you are entering your Username and Password account information (the same information you use to log in to and not your Display Name (the name that shows on the TV).
  2. If you’re not sure you are entering the correct Username and Password, we can help! Our forgot password page will first give you your Username after you enter your email address. If you still can’t remember your password then you can click a button to reset it. This will email you a link. Just click on the link in your email and you will be taken to a page to reset your password.
  3. If you are playing on the old blue Playmaker gaming device, check whether the Caps Lock or Shift (depending upon your Playmaker model) is on. This button is ‘sticky’, meaning it functions like a Caps Lock on a computer keyboard. As Passwords are case-sensitive, this is most likely the reason why you are getting an error message.
  4. If you are entering Username/Password on the Playmaker correctly and are getting an error message, the Buzztime location you are playing at is most likely having problems connecting to the internet.
  5. If you’ve tried all these options, you know the location is online, and are still having issues, please contact us and we’ll try to solve your issue.

Is my Username also my Display Name (Handle) while playing at Buzztime locations?

No, your Username is what you use to log in on the Playmaker. Your Display Name (Handle) will show up on screen at game sites and can be changed online anytime by visiting the EDIT MY INFO page.

When I logged in, my Display Name (Handle) had been changed slightly. Why?

If someone at your location is already using the same Display Name (Handle) as you our system will slightly change your Display Name so that there aren’t two of the same on the screen. Your Display Name will go back to normal next time you play (assuming you are the only one there with that Display Name!).

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