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Sports Trivia is a general sports trivia game played in our traditional Countdown format. It covers a wide variety of sports, from football and golf to horse racing and NASCAR.

Get in the game!

11am – closing on Buzztime 2
(Default in non-casino states, selectable in casino states)


  • Ask your server for a Playmaker® or gaming Tablet.
  • Follow the prompts to log in, register or play as a guest
  • Choose Sports Trivia from the menu on the Playmaker
  • You have 20 seconds to answer the question. The faster you choose the correct answer, the higher your score.
  • Three clues will help you identify the correct answer. You can change your answer at any time, but beware… your points earned get lower each time you switch!
  • Once the clock counts down, the correct answer will be revealed along with your final score.
  • Your scores will be ranked against other players across the network, so check to see how you did at the end of the game on our leaderboard!

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