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May 11, 2024

Buzztime Bets! is pleased to be the exclusive streaming sponsor of the 4th Annual Omaha Corgi Races on May 11, 2024!

Download the Buzztime Bets! app, start claiming your daily BMO tokens and use them to wager on the Omaha Corgi Races on May 11. All races will be live streamed on the app at 12PM ET, 11AM CT and 9AM PT.

110 adorable corgis, one champion.

The racers

Heat 1

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1AutumnFPembroke Welsh Corgi128Mom’s birthday is in AutumnOutgoing
2BruinMPembroke Welsh Corgi118Boston BruinsPsycho
3StellaFPembroke Welsh Corgi116Just thought it was a cute nameSassy
4MooseMPembroke Welsh Corgi123One of Mom’s favorite animalsSilly
5MarsupialFPembroke Welsh Corgi127My dad likes Koalas and my older sisters are already named Eucalyptus and Koala BearGoofy@Euca_koa_marci
6AugustMPembroke Welsh Corgi130The song August by Taylor SwiftChaotic@augustdogist
7BowieMPembroke Welsh Corgi126David BowieInsane
8TurtleMPembroke Welsh Corgi120It’s fun to be ironicTurtle
9CinnamonFPembroke Welsh Corgi123La Del Rey songSassy
10MilesMPembroke Welsh Corgi120SpiderMan: Miles MoralesChaotic

Heat 2

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1BoscoMPembroke Welsh Corgi134Bosco Breadsticks!Toasted@boskiewoskie
2CaptainMPembroke Welsh Corgi135My husband is an airline captainFun!
3PipMPembroke Welsh Corgi230Great ExpectationsFun!
4CrosbyMPembroke Welsh Corgi225We loved the name and it fit him perfectlySpunky@crosbythecorgi_
5BriggsMPembroke Welsh Corgi135Wanted something cute and chill sounding to match his personalitySleepyhead
6AuroraFPembroke Welsh Corgi137Sleeping BeautySplooty
7KobeMPembroke Welsh Corgi223Kobe BryantStubborn
8SchubertMPembroke Welsh Corgi228Composer Franz SchubertDiva
9ElsieFPembroke Welsh Corgi219Mrs. Hughes from Downton AbbeyNaughty!
10MyghtyMPembroke Welsh Corgi245Small, but mightyPiggy@Myghtyman


Heat 3

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1GooseFPembroke Welsh Corgi235Emma’s Dad was an avid waterfowl hunter and our Goose is Emma’s emotional support pup after his passingDiva
2ArloMCorgi-Mix (Blue Heeler)230Named at his birth familyCuddly
3MabelFPembroke Welsh Corgi244She got her name because we were deciding which were easier to yellSassy!
4KonaFPembroke Welsh Corgi245Travelled to Hawaii before adopting her – Hawaiian meaning is Lady and Kona brewingLoaf
5Riley RoseFPembroke Welsh Corgi237.6Named after her dog momSassy
6BobaMPembroke Welsh Corgi327Tapioca Pearls in Milk Tea!Sneaky@little.boba_corgi
7LloydMPembroke Welsh Corgi226TV show EntourageSilly
8WinnieFPembroke Welsh Corgi236Winnie the PoohExhibitionist
9VinnyMPembroke Welsh Corgi240He had his name when we got
10KimchiFPembroke Welsh Corgi235Food ending in chi – to compliment sister mochiFloppy@corgchis

Heat 4

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1KoalaFPembroke Welsh Corgi330My Dad likes koala’s and I’m greyLazyyyy@Euca_koa_marci
2Sir Winston Cheddar CheesehillMCorgi-Mix (Blue Heeler)325Winston Churchill/Cheddar (corgi from Brooklyn Nine NineStubborn!
3GooseMPembroke Welsh Corgi125My 8 year old daughter felt it fit his personalitySpirited
4EnzoMPembroke Welsh Corgi330The Art of Racing in the RainIndependent
5RomperMPembroke Welsh Corgi325Our first dog’s name is Cardigan and Romper was a great name to go with the clothing themeCuddly@cardigan_and_romper
6Rosco NashMPembroke Welsh Corgi330I just liked the name after my friend told me about his cat named Bosco and everyone in the South would say he looks like a Rosco. The Nash part is because I first got him when we lived in Nashville and the breeder would call him Nash.Comedian@rosco_the_burnt_corgo
7MartyMCorgi-Mix232Marty McFly and Marty HugginsPiggy
8KorraMPembroke Welsh Corgi327The Legend of Korra (animated TV show)Chaos@shortdogchronicles
9NovaMPembroke Welsh Corgi327NovemberSmart
10MillieFPembroke Welsh Corgi325NACrazy

Heat 5

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1RubyFPembroke Welsh Corgi330Her fur Mom’s name is Scarlett so we stuck with the red themeBossy
2MaybelleneFCorgi-Mix (Blue Heeler)328My Dad’s favorite song “Maybellene” by Chuck BerryZOOM
3JewelsFPembroke Welsh Corgi325Jewelry ’cause she’s so preciousSassy@jew.els22
4NitroMCorgi-Mix333Nitromethane drag racing fuelFeisty
5PhoebeFPembroke Welsh Corgi335My family and I love the TV show FriendsCurious
6WinstonMPembroke Welsh Corgi337Winston Bishop from New GirlJudgemental
7BellaFCorgi-Mix235Daughter named herFlufferbutt
8ChesterMPembroke Welsh Corgi340Chestnut colorLoveable
9PippaFPembroke Welsh Corgi325A proper British dog, needs a proper British nameStubborn
10ZiggyMPembroke Welsh Corgi326David BowieLoud@ziggystarcorgi-

Heat 6

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1EucalyptusFPembroke Welsh Corgi427Dad loves Koalas and they eat EucalyptusFast@Euca_koa_marci
2PhoebeFPembroke Welsh Corgi430Cute nameSpunky@phoebs_thecorgi
3RugerMPembroke Welsh Corgi341RWBComical
4TatoMPembroke Welsh Corgi340He looks like a potatoStinky
5ArchieFCorgi-Mix424It was just a great fitRambunctious
6LolaFPembroke Welsh Corgi431Winston Bishop from New GirlSassy@sassylola7
7AlvinMCorgi-Mix445Alvin and the chipmunksFoodie@kta.lvin
8GusMPembroke Welsh Corgi332Disney Cinderella characterSilly@corgi_gus
9IvanMPembroke Welsh Corgi430The shape of his earsIntense
10PumpkinFCorgi-Mix340Previous dog’s favorite food was canned pumpkinSassy

Heat 7

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1Ollie ThorgiMPembroke Welsh Corgi427Top Gear, Richard Hammon’s carFood@oliver_thorgi
2GingerFPembroke Welsh Corgi325We got wasabi so we had to name her GingerCuddleBug
3LolaFPembroke Welsh Corgi425Lolashe was a show girlDiva
4Gigi LouiseFPembroke Welsh Corgi420N/ASpeedster
5ButtercupFPembroke Welsh Corgi429Princess ButtercupSweet
6ClydeMPembroke Welsh Corgi432Outlaws-his sister is BonnieBFF@Dogster
7AriMPembroke Welsh Corgi433The TV show EntourageElite
8BoltMPembroke Welsh Corgi427Bolt, Disney movieNaughty@nutsandbolts2020
9Winner (Hart)FPembroke Welsh Corgi422Wynonna JuddSweetheart@_winnie_hart
10Pippa (Kew)FPembroke Welsh Corgi527Comedy skitMischievous

Heat 8

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1GeorgeMPembroke Welsh Corgi536Looney Toons Abominable Snowman saying “I’m going to love, squeeze him and call him George”Spoiled@Prenpaws
2Corky RemingtonMPembroke Welsh Corgi441A memeSocial-Butterfly@CorkyRemingtonWillis
3PicassoMPembroke Welsh Corgi538Name that matches his sister’s, PiccoloLoving@piccoloandpicassocorgi
4SophieFPembroke Welsh Corgi531No particular inspirationSocial
5Goose (Shanahan)MPembroke Welsh Corgi531We had a dog Maverick and when he passed away, we had to continue the Top Gun traditionNugget
6Harper AnnFPembroke Welsh Corgi530My fiancé just liked itSassitude
7WasabiMPembroke Welsh Corgi428We just threw the name out and our friends and family loved itCuddlers
8SimonMPembroke Welsh Corgi632Energized@itssimonsworld
9ShazbotMPembroke Welsh Corgi538It’s an alien swear word from a 70’s sitcomGoofy
10KevinMPembroke Welsh Corgi630Home AloneStubborn

Heat 9

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1RoxyFPembroke Welsh Corgi827Sassy nameFAST
2HodorMPembroke Welsh Corgi629Mom is a GOT fanMagnetic@hodorthepembroke
3PidgeFPembroke Welsh Corgi635Pilot for the green lion of VoltronExpressive@pidgethecorgi
4KyleMPembroke Welsh Corgi634The dog from despicable meChonky!
5TitanMPembroke Welsh Corgi635He’s named after war godsChaos
6VegaFPembroke Welsh Corgi6244th brightest star in the skyParty-Corgo
7HendrixMPembroke Welsh Corgi715Mom likes Jimmy Hendrix; Dad likes Kyle Larson and Hendrick Motorsports. We compromised and Jimmy Hendrix wonBIGPUPPY ENERGY
8GeorgiaFPembroke Welsh Corgi627My husband wanted to name our first son George and I said no, so we compromised and named our first girl dog GoergiaQueen@georgiahayskew
9LilyFPembroke Welsh Corgi725Lily PotterSilly@liveloaflily
10WillowFCorgi-Mix624Queen Elizabeth’s corgiCrazy

Heat 10

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1JoanieFPembroke Welsh Corgi639Old lady nameThicc
2JinJinMPembroke Welsh Corgi842Unsure, adoptedGoofball
3Ralphie ButtonsMPembroke Welsh Corgi640Ralph LaurenLoveBug@ralphiebuttons
4PepperFPembroke Welsh Corgi1025Pepper Potts (Iron Man’s girlfriend)Sassy@rachelnicolee21
5WallyMPembroke Welsh Corgi644Came with himExcited
6GunterMPembroke Welsh Corgi6554th brightest star in the skyParty-Corgo
7SiocledFPembroke Welsh Corgi730It’s chocolate in Welsh, pronounced sock-cledCuddley
8CheddarFPembroke Welsh Corgi320TV Show Brooklyn 99Springy
9MargaretFPembroke Welsh Corgi540All of our dogs start with “M”, older namesPerfection!
10GimliMCorgi-Mix433Lord of the RingsGIMMERS

Senior Heat

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1CharlieMCorgi-Mix1322It was his name when he was adoptedDork
2AngusMPembroke Welsh Corgi1234Angus Young of AC/DCAwesome
3Tyrion LannisterMPembroke Welsh Corgi1035Game of ThronesDerp

Corgi-Mixes Heat

#NameF/MBreedAgeWt.Name InspirationOne WordSocials
1JessieFCorgi-Mix327She’s a cowgirl (name of mix) Jessie from Toy StorySnoopy@samgreeneggnham
2Nova (Shade)FCorgi-Mix320SuperFAST
3RoseFCorgi-Mix2529Sleeping BeautySnuggly@corgi_briarrose
4DexterMCorgi-Mix435The kids voted!Loyal
5MurphyMCorgi-Mix225Family nameGoofball
6BrownieMCorgi-Mix128He was a chocolate brown at birthGoober@brownieboipics
7WrigleyFCorgi-Mix225Wrigley Field, home of the CUBS!!Funny


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