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QB1 is Buzztime’s predictive football game that allows you to play along with weekly, live football action at your favorite Buzztime location.

Playing QB1 is as simple as downloading the Buzztime Bets! app, heading to your favorite Buzztime location, watching the featured game, and predicting the outcome of each drive.

We’re wrapping up the season this weekend with the Championship game. But don’t worry, we have lots in store for Buzztime Bets! Check back here for more information.

Championship Game

San Francisco vs. Kansas CitySunday, February 11th
6:30 PM ET / 3:30 PM PT



1. Is this new version of QB1 the same as the previous version of QB1?

Unfortunately due to changes in the NFL broadcast it is not possible to re-create the exact same experience as the previous version of QB1. In this version of QB1 you will play along, drive by drive, to earn multipliers and top the leaderboard, a shift from the play-by-play gameplay of the previous version.

2. How do I play QB1 at a Buzztime location?

In order to play QB1 at a Buzztime location you will need to have the Buzztime Bets! app downloaded on your mobile device. Log into or create a Buzztime account, select a game that you want to predict and then ask your server to display the game you want to predict on the TV closest to you.

3. Will the app work on both Apple iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the app is available as a free download on both Apple and Android mobile devices. You’ll need Android 9 and higher, or Apple iOS 13 and higher.

4. Can I play QB1 at home?

Yes. In many cases, you will be able to play at home. However, some contest may be restricted to play in Buzztime locations. If you know of a place that you think would be a great place to play QB1 you can refer them to us and if they sign up you get a $250 bar tab to that location!

5. Do I have to register to play on the app?

Registration is required to use the app. It’s a quick and easy process! If you are already a registered player with Buzztime, you do not need to register again.

6. Do I need to create a new account if I am already a Buzztime player for QB1?

No, you will just need your normal Buzztime login to play QB1 in the Buzztime Bets! app.

7. What are bonus questions and how do they work?

Bonus questions will appear from time to time, either before or during a QB1 game. Questions will range from sports trivia to in-game props. You have a limited time to answer the question before it disappears. Some questions will be scored right away, some will not be scored until the end of the game. Any points earned from a bonus question will be added to your total score. Questions will range in points values and be careful, you may even lose points for a wrong answer!

8. Can you win prizes for playing QB1?

Yes! We have given away thousands of dollars worth of prizes during the 2023 season including gift cards and Buzztime swag. Note that to win most prizes, you must be playing at a Buzztime location to qualify!

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