Going from “Good Restaurant” to “Good Business” – What You Need to Know

Making the best food in town or creating the best atmosphere in your local scene doesn’t necessarily translate to steady profits and booming business. Maintaining a good restaurant doesn’t [...]


How Bars & Restaurants Can Prepare for the Rising Minimum Wage

Profit margins in the restaurant industry have always been fairly slim. With swarms of competitors vying for customers and costs only increasing, keeping business going as a restaurant owner or [...]


Digital Marketing for Restaurants 101

You’ve opened your dream joint. Your restaurant is fully operational. Now how do you entice locals to flock to your restaurant? In an age where most information is gathered online, digital [...]


Top Reasons Restaurants Fail (And How You Can Avoid Them)

No one opens a restaurant or bar and plans to fail. However, lack of preparation or critical business mistakes cause nearly 60% of restaurants to fail in their first year. With little margin for [...]


Improving Customer Service: Training and Retaining the Best Talent

Customer service isn’t merely a skillset – it’s an art form. While routine training on workflow and regulations is customary, restaurant managers who want to run a respected and successful [...]


Using Technology to Bring People Together in an Era of Isolation

Convincing the modern spender to leave the comfort of their home can prove challenging – with every app imaginable available in a few taps of their smartphone, consumers have more power than ever [...]


What Bar & Restaurant Owners Need to Know about EMV

October of 2015 has come and gone, and now the liability shift has been implemented nationwide for EMV acceptance. If your bar or restaurant isn’t outfitted with equipment capable of processing [...]


3 Ways Your Bar or Restaurant Should Use Social Media (Other Than Marketing)

A thorough social media presence is crucial for any restaurant to succeed, especially when starting out. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer brands key spaces to advertise and [...]


How Your Restaurant Can Survive Razor-Thin Margins and the Future of Pricing

Let’s face facts – surviving in the restaurant business is a daunting undertaking. As many longtime bar and restaurant managers will tell you, margins have become slimmer and slimmer in recent [...]


The 7 Top Apps for Restaurant Owners

Welcome to the digital age – as a restaurant manager in the modern world, you need to be plugged in to the latest tools, social networks, and programs in order to maximize efficiency and reduce [...]

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