The 7 Top Apps for Restaurant Owners

Welcome to the digital age – as a restaurant manager in the modern world, you need to be plugged in to the latest tools, social networks, and programs in order to maximize efficiency and reduce [...]


How to Draw Corporate Events To Your Bar or Restaurant

Wedding rehearsal dinners and charity galas are always great events to host in your restaurant, but landing a corporate event has the potential to continue to pay off in the long-term. A fun, [...]


Service Charges Vs. Tips: What You Need to Know

The face of dining is always changing and growing. Lately, the idea of doing away with tipping completely in favor of a flat service charge is picking up steam as minimum wages rise and servers [...]


How to Reduce Wait Time in Your Restaurant

Nobody likes to wait. In terms of customer satisfaction, the worst thing you can do to discolor a customer’s opinion of your restaurant is to make them wait for half an hour before being seated. [...]


Trivia Nights: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Live events have always been staples of bars and restaurants hoping to draw in decent crowds on typically slower weeknights. Live music and comedy events sometimes fit into a bar’s niche and can [...]


Top 5 Ways to Make Your Signage More Effective

Reaching your customer base with printed marketing collateral can prove costly and frustrating. When your signage in your bar or restaurant has to constantly be updated to reflect your current [...]


5 Ways to Keep Your Bar Business Booming After Football Season

To a bar manager who has carefully amassed a loyal following of football fans that regularly keep business thriving throughout the season, the bleakest day of the year is the day after the Super [...]


4 Ways to Instill Customer Loyalty

When you attempt to boost restaurant sales you may spend thousands redoing your interior or investing in gimmick recipes and menu items. No matter how much you change your brand or modify your [...]


7 Ways to Improve Slow Business at Your Bar or Restaurant

In order to effectively increase bar, restaurant, or hospitality venue sales you must always innovate and introduce new pulls and promotions to attract new customers. Even if you’re booming on [...]


The Evolution of The American Bar

In recent years, bars have evolved from solely a place to drink and socialize, to an environment that now is recognized for its artistic interior design, subcultural themes, digital dining, fine [...]

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