5 Ways to SMASH Your Competition

You know you’re not the only bar or restaurant in your neighborhood. There are probably plenty of places near you—some good, some bad, some in-between. The one thing they all have in common? [...]


10 Ways to Cross Promote your Restaurant for Increased Brand Recognition and Patronage

Cross promotion is an excellent way to give your restaurant’s marketing initiatives some extra leverage in order to strengthen brand awareness and patronage among your customers and fans. Here [...]


Top Challenges Franchisees Face and Words of Wisdom to Overcome Them

As with any business, running a successful restaurant franchise has its own rewards, risks and challenges. Unlike other types of restaurants, franchisees benefit from a repeatable and proven [...]


How to Create Smart Discounting Strategies for Your Restaurant

Consumers love great deals especially when dining out, making discounts an important part of your restaurant’s marketing plan. When determining the best discount strategies for your restaurant, [...]


Restaurant Management: How to Balance Your Time

Restaurant managers are pulled in so many different directions – front of the house, back of the house, customer needs, staff needs, inventory, P&Ls, food quality, service quality, etc… The [...]


Millennial Dining Trends You Need to Know

Does your restaurant appeal to Millennials? The generation that includes people in their late teens to their early 30s is one of the most sought-after demographics for almost every type of [...]


8 Ways to Get More Bar Business

Whether your bar business is thriving or just getting by, there’s one thing every bar business has in common, the constant need for more customers. If you are looking for new ways to bring more [...]


6 Sports Bar Marketing Ideas

Running a sports bar might seem easy—after all, can’t you just put on a game and call it a day? Well, not exactly. As any sports bar owner knows, it isn’t quite that simple! If you want your bar [...]


Simple Father’s Day Promotion Ideas You Can Use at Your Bar or Restaurant

When you think of the popular holidays that bring customers in to your bar or restaurant, Father’s Day might not be at the top of your list. But, according to the National Restaurant Association, [...]


The Secret to Creating an Awesome Atmosphere at Your Bar

Is your bar struggling to succeed? Are customers failing to come back and you don’t know why? Are other bars in your area doing well while you’re floundering? If you answered yes to any of those [...]

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