Exceed Customer Expectations In Your Restaurant With These 6 Tips

While all restaurant owners and managers strive to exceed their guests’ expectations, sometimes amidst the chaos of running their restaurant the simplest things that will impress their customers [...]


Restaurant: Profitability: Easy Tips To A Better Bottom Line

No matter how well your bar or restaurant is doing, you can always do better. Trimming costs and increasing revenue are two ways to make your business more profitable—of course, if those actions [...]


2014 Restaurant Chain Growth Report

Restaurant chains all over the country are growing and growing quickly. As RestaurantNews.com reports, many chains have grown by more than 5%. Curious about the stats? Let’s break down the report [...]


Report: Baby Boomers Are Spending Less At Restaurants

Have Baby Boomers lost their spending luster at restaurants? Some reports suggest Baby Boomers are spending less on eating out, while others point to increased sales by Baby Boomers over the past [...]


Does Your Restaurant Comply With New FDA Menu Labeling Requirements?

By late November 2015 chain restaurants must comply with new federal food labeling rules that inform consumers about nutritional values of prepared food. While many states and cities already [...]


Jackpot Trivia Guaranteed FUN for Your Bar Patrons

Do you have a trivia night at your bar? If you’re like tons of bars all around the country, you probably do! Trivia is a great way to bring in customers and make sure they’re having fun, but are [...]


Awesome Ways to Control Food Costs

It’s no secret that food costs are hard to manage. Whether it’s from waste, theft, or simply not keeping track of stock, food costs can eat away at your restaurant’s profits. So what can you do [...]


Offering Online Ordering Can Drive New Business

Launching an online food ordering service is an excellent convenience your business could offer to draw in new customers looking for a great meal on the go. Offering quality takeout meals is one [...]


2015 Restaurant Tech Trends

You probably use technology in many parts of your restaurant business, but what’s on the horizon? How will restaurants be using technology in the coming year? It’s no surprise that technology is [...]


Easy Ways to Build Your Email List

Many experts feel that marketing your business services via email is as valuable as using social media, if not more so. But having a few subscribers to your email list isn’t enough. The number of [...]

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