How to Reignite Your Customer Loyalty Program

A loyalty program can be an awesome way to get customers to come back again and again. But what if your loyalty program is lagging? Maybe it used to be great, but it just hasn’t been successful [...]


2015 Food Trends

2015 is coming up fast…so what does that mean for your restaurant? Although you’ll never be 100% sure where the restaurant industry will go, there are a few trends on the horizon. Nation’s [...]


5 Tips on How to Successfully Cater a Large Party

The holiday season is fast approaching and your establishment has decided to expand its business options to host parties for large groups. You’ve never done this before so where do you start? [...]


Keep Your Bar Packed With these 2 Wacky Football Promotions

Bringing in football fans to your bar might seem like a no brainer. Just turn on the game and watch the customers roll in, right? But it doesn’t always work like that. Why should fans watch the [...]


Sports Bar Marketing: Get More Customers

It’s easy to fill seats in your sports bar during big game events. The challenge is to get customers into your establishment when there’s nothing going on. Now is the time to tweak your marketing [...]


Consumer Use of Restaurant Technology On the Rise

According to research from the National Restaurant Association, restaurant technology use has significantly increased in the past two years—in fact, over one third of customers report that they [...]


7 Clever Christmas Promotions to Deck Your Bar with Holiday Cheer

The weather outside may be frightful, but you can make the inside of your bar delightful. While you might deal with a Grinch or two, chances are that most of your customers will be all too happy [...]


Report: Cheaper Gas Prices Could Mean Increased Spending at Restaurants

As gas prices hit the lowest point they’ve been in nearly four years, it could be good news for bars. When Americans spend less on gas, it means they have more disposable income. Gasbuddy.com [...]


4 Must Have Thanksgiving Drinks for Your Bar Menu

Pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, turkey, and stuffing are just a few of the foods that people look forward to on Thanksgiving. But why should food get all the attention? Try out these four must-have [...]


Why Your Bar or Restaurant Needs a Training Program for New Hires

Well-trained employees can help you keep loyal customers, increase your profits, and boost business. So if great staff members are so important, why don’t more bars and restaurants have the sort [...]

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