Restaurant Related Technology is For All Ages Not Just Millennials

Every article about attracting Millennials to your restaurant includes the same advice: use technology. Of course, this is great advice! But it can make it seem like Millennials are the only [...]


How to Incorporate Local Ingredients On Your Menu

The local food movement shows no signs of going away anytime soon, and for good reason! There are so many reasons why local food is beneficial—it’s good for the environment, it’s good for the [...]


Report: Full-Service Restaurant Websites Struggle with Mobile

Recently, Restaurant Hospitality reported that full-service restaurants are lagging behind other segments when it comes to their mobile presence. Over 60% of the restaurant/catering mobile [...]


Bar Trends: Games at the Table

How can your bar bring in new customers and keep loyal customers in their seats? Games! But you shouldn’t necessarily think about old standbys like pool and darts. While there’s nothing wrong [...]


Top Wines to Add to the Menu for Cooler Weather

As the weather cools down and snow starts to fall, you probably want to consider changing up your drink menu. You probably add more winter-appropriate beers and cocktails, but do you ever think [...]


ApplePay Could Be Coming to a Restaurant Near You

What if customers didn’t have to use their credit cards (or cash) to make payments at your restaurant? What if they could simply press a button and make a payment? It may sound unbelievable, but [...]


Why Smartphones Are the Best Marketing Tool for Your Restaurant

Smartphones are one of the most important marketing tools in your restaurant’s arsenal. In fact, as Constant Contact reports, in the past six months 81% of consumers have searched for a [...]


Increase Bar Sales this Winter with These Unique Cocktails

When the temperature drops, your customers probably won’t be hankering for summery sangrias or light, fruity cocktails. That means it’s probably time to switch up your drink menu! By including [...]


Why Getting Feedback Is Important For Your Restaurant

How often do you ask your customers what they think of your restaurant? If you’re like many restaurant owners, the answer is never. If your business is doing fine, you might assume that customers [...]


Attract Families and Keep Them in Their Seats Longer With Live Games

How much attention does your restaurant place on families? Do you actively try to attract them? If you simply see families as parties with small children who don’t order much, you’re [...]

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