Why Salads Continue to Boost Profits for Restaurants

Salads are indisputable winners with today’s health-conscious consumers, having restaurants around the country continually inventing creative spins on their salads to appeal to their customers [...]


What Customers Don’t Like About Your Restaurant

If you asked your loyal customers what they love about your restaurant, they’d probably have a long list of likes. But what about the customers who don’t like your restaurant? The ones who have a [...]


9 Eye Catching Pub Promotions

Do you want to attract more customers to your bar? Of course you do! Running promotions seems like the easiest way to draw customers in, but you’re on a tight budget and a tight deadline. You [...]


How to Set Your Restaurant Apart from the Competition

Every restaurant faces intense competition. Restaurant owners need to constantly find new ways to raise the bar and exceed customers’ expectations. Here’s how to differentiate yourself from your [...]


Bars and Restaurants Get Innovative with Guest-Facing Technology

Expect to see guest-facing technology offered in more and more bars and restaurants, from tablets to mobile apps that enhance the customer experience. Industry analysts predict guest-facing [...]


9 Food and Beverage Trends for Spring

What new foods and beverages will your competition be focusing on this spring? And, more importantly, what will your customers be expecting? You can’t see into the future, but you can still get [...]


How to Improve the Atmosphere at Your Bar

Food, drinks, and service are all important factors in your bar’s success, but there’s something else that’s a lot harder to pin down. What vibe do customers get from your bar? What feeling do [...]


6 Ideas to Turn Your Restaurant Employees into Rock Stars

Every bar or restaurant owner understands how critical their employees’ performance are to their business. Just watch any episode of Restaurant Stakeout on the Food Network, and you’ll see all of [...]


5 Ways to Create Memorable Customer Experiences in your Bar or Restaurant

Creating unique customer experiences don’t just happen, nonetheless they are essential to building loyalty and increasing sales for your bar or restaurant. Here are five guaranteed ways to [...]


How to Partner With Other Businesses to Grow Your Restaurant

Teaming up with other businesses may seem counterintuitive—after all, don’t you want all of your customers’ attention to be on you? But partnering with another company is actually a great way to [...]

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