10 Football Season Promotions for Your Bar

Football season is upon us, and it brings with it tons of opportunities for your bar. Of course you can just put the game on, but it helps to run some fun specials and promotions to attract [...]


3 Reasons to Get your Restaurant Employees on Social Media

You’ve probably heard about restaurant employees who abuse social media. In fact, it seems like stories of inappropriate tweets and pictures make the news all the time! But social media isn’t [...]


Tables, Tablets, Data And Eating

Posted September 2, 2014 by Vladimir Edelman on TechCrunch.  Editor’s note: Vladimir Edelman is the chief development officer of NTN Buzztime, a bar and restaurant social entertainment and [...]


2014 Top Trending Menu Items

From shareable plates to chicken, here are some of popular menu trends taking a front seat this year, according to Allegra Foodservice’s 2014 Menu & Food Trends report. While some of the [...]


How to Make Your Employees Brand Advocates

You probably already know that your employees are your business’s greatest assets. In fact, they can make or break your business! But did you know that simply keeping your employees happy isn’t [...]


10 Time Saving Marketing Tips for Your Bar

Marketing your bar can be its own full-time job…but, unfortunately, you don’t have an unlimited amount of time! You can’t skip out on marketing if you want your bar to [...]


Poker on Demand: Your Bar’s New Best Friend

Buzztime’s Poker on Demand allows bar and restaurant owners to transform their location into a hot spot for one of the world’s most popular games. Texas Hold’em is a card game played by millions [...]


The Best Ways to Build Culture at Your Bar

Does your bar have culture? Do customers get a certain vibe from you when they walk in the door, or is your bar just a blank slate? Does your bar have a specific mood, or do customers have a hard [...]


10 Clever Hacks for Boosting Bar Business

Whether your bar is thriving, on shaky ground or somewhere in between, every bar owner is constantly on the lookout for new tricks and strategies to improve their business. Here are 10 clever [...]


Restaurant Day: A New Restaurant Revolution?

If you’re not from Finland, you might not have heard of Ravintolapäivä, or Restaurant Day. Described as “a food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant for a day,” the day aims to bypass all [...]

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