The Benefits of Stellar Menu Design

According to a Gallop poll, customers spend an average of 109 seconds looking at restaurant menus. You’ve got less than two minutes to make an impression! So what does this mean for you? It means [...]


How to Market Your Restaurant to Millennials

The word “millennial” is tossed around constantly in magazine headlines and on the news. But it isn’t just a buzzword…it’s also a way to describe a huge group of your potential customers. Broadly [...]


Awesome Bar Management Tips

Managing a bar is tough work. You’re in charge of making sure that everything’s running smoothly, and it can be a lot to handle! But by keeping these tips in mind, you can make managing more [...]


Host a Beer Tasting Event to Increase Business at Your Bar

Beer is the new wine—at least, when it comes to tasting events. You’re probably familiar with wine tasting events and the crowds they can bring in. Did you know you can host the same kind of [...]


Innovation Principles That Will Take Your Bar or Restaurant to the Next Level

Innovation is at its core what separates the great from the rest of the pack, regardless of industry or pursuit. And in today’s hospitality industry that’s no exception where competition and [...]


6 Clever Customer Loyalty Programs

By now, you’re used to companies offering loyalty programs. You probably use a loyalty card when you shop at the grocery store, and you might use one for your morning latte at the coffee shop. [...]


Improve Customers’ Dining Experience with Lighting and Ambiance

Your ambiance and lighting might not be the first things you think of when you’re planning your restaurant’s success, but they’re both incredibly important. They help to create the overall [...]


Why Digital Signage is a Must-Have Tool for Today’s Bars and Restaurants

Digital signage has proven itself as both a cost-effective and an innovative way for bars and restaurants to improve the customer experience and overall bottom-line. More and more bars and [...]


10 Cross and Upselling Tactics That Work

Cross selling and upselling are two of the easiest ways to make more money at your bar or restaurant. But first, you have to understand what these terms mean. Cross selling happens when you [...]


The Importance of Brand Consistency for Your Bar or Restaurant

You might think that branding your bar or restaurant isn’t all that significant. Your food and drinks are much more important to customers, right? Well, kind of. Although serving a quality [...]

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