6 Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations in Your Restaurant

Go beyond basic. Aim to set the gold standard in guest satisfaction. By exceeding expectations, you’ll be rewarded with increased guest loyalty – and spending. We’ve got the studies to prove it. [...]


How to Set a Bar and Restaurant Marketing Budget

Marketing is a must for any bar or restaurant. But how much should you spend? Where should you spend it? Get the answers using these 4 steps for creating a bar and restaurant marketing budget. [...]


Must-Have Senior Living Technology

As a senior living community manager, you look for the best employees to join your team. The new year is the perfect time to bring the latest senior living technology on board, too. Just like a [...]


More Guests, Bigger Checks: Make it Happen in 2018 with 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Procrastinated on your New Year’s resolutions? Good! Because these are the only bar and restaurant goals you need for a successful 2018. Each goal includes action items – shown to be effective by [...]


Bartender Interview Questions: How to Hire a Great Bartender

A great bartender can be your business’s best friend: boosting sales and bonding with guests. So how can you hire the best bartender? Ask the right questions. We talked with bar and restaurant [...]


You’ve Got Game: The 18 Best Bar Games for 2018

Want guests to stay longer, spend more, and return often? Break out the bar games. You’ll bring patrons together for a great time while creating a lively atmosphere that attracts crowds. Before [...]


Employee Scheduling Is Complicated, Let Technology Ease Your Stress

Being a manager comes with many responsibilities, and one of the least enjoyable to perform is scheduling employees. Whether you have 5 employees or 50, trying to manage and organize everyone’s [...]


Oh, What Fun! 19 Brilliant Holiday Activities for Seniors

‘Tis the season for festive fun at your senior living community! Make the most wonderful time of year even better for residents with exciting holiday activities for seniors. Need inspiration? We [...]


The Hot 18 List: 2018 Bar and Restaurant Trends and How to Try Them

The new year’s arrival means a fresh start – and a new set of trends. So, which 2018 bar and restaurant trends are worth trying? We did the work for you. The 18 trends were selected with your [...]


Why More and More Restaurants Are Choosing Food Ordering Apps

Food ordering apps are becoming more and more commonplace in restaurants nowadays. In fact, almost every major chain restaurant has one, from Domino’s, to Wagamama, to McDonald’s. [...]

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