Operations & Management Series (Part One): 5 Key Operational Challenges that Can Make or Break Your Bar or Restaurant’s Success

Intense competition, rising food and beverage costs, and the lingering recession are just a few named challenges that today’s bars and restaurants face. In a world where more than 60 percent of [...]


Online and Mobile Ordering Systems Gain Popularity Among Restaurant Consumers

With the growth of online and mobile ordering and daily deals sites, such as Groupon and LivingSocial, takeout ordering continues to become an increasingly important revenue stream for [...]


Maximize Your Bar or Restaurant’s Twitter Marketing with These 10 Time-Saving Tips

Twitter is tough enough to master when you have adequate time to dedicate to the effort. But for bar or restaurant owners and managers, especially, who don’t have the luxury of time, building an [...]


Running a Profitable Bar or Restaurant: 10 Tips to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Faced with intense competition, rising food and labor costs and sluggish economy, today’s bar and restaurant owners and operators know they can never take their eyes off of the bottom-line. From [...]


How to Increase Repeat Customers at Your Bar or Restaurant

Bringing in new customers is important…but what’s even more important? Turning those new customers into repeat visitors! So how do you make sure that your customers will return again and again? [...]


Creative Ways to Make an Enticing and Profitable Bar Menu

An enticing bar menu is an important hallmark to any bar or restaurant business where alcoholic drinks are served. As such it shouldn’t go overlooked. If you are thinking about how to put a [...]


8 Things Hosts and Servers Should Never Say

Of course the quality of your food is important, but nothing turns customers off more quickly than bad service. If servers or hosts interact with customers in the wrong way, those customers [...]


8 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly

When a family comes into your restaurant, how do you and your staff react? Are you already annoyed, anticipating the extra mess and possible screaming tantrums? Instead of viewing families full [...]


10 of Our Favorite Funny, Clever and Outrageous Chalkboard Signs

We’ve always enjoyed coming across clever chalkboard signs so we thought we would share our favorites with you! As you scroll through the list, keep in mind these four ways chalkboard signs [...]


Customers Demand Superfoods When Dining Out

As the public awareness about healthier foods and physical fitness is reaching new heights, the demand for superfoods is becoming loud and clear in restaurants and hotels. There is a genuine [...]

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