Delicious Ideas and Inspiration for Planning Your Fall Menu

As we enter into late summer, chefs and restaurant owners are starting to plan and create their fall menus to entice and delight customers. Fall is an ideal time to celebrate the bountiful [...]


6 Ways to Deal with Unruly Customers

Whether they’re crying babies, an arguing couple, or a loud group of drunk college students, unruly customers can be hard to handle. You want all of your patrons to enjoy their meals, and that’s [...]


How to Get Valuable Feedback from Customers about Your Bar or Restaurant

No matter how your bar or restaurant business is fairing at any given time, one thing is certain, you can never rest on your laurels. Consistent customer satisfaction and a commitment to [...]


31 August Marketing Ideas for Your Bar or Restaurant

Summer will be coming to a close before you know it, but there are still a couple more months of beautiful weather ahead. That’s a couple more months that your customers will be out and about. [...]


5 Types of Promotions Restaurants Should Never Run

Running a promotion might seem like a great way to get more customers into your restaurant. Discounts, contests, or other special attractions can only be good things, right? Well, not exactly. [...]


Restaurant Management: 4 Tips to Lead by Example

The most effective form of leadership is by example. When you are in a management position, employees are more likely to watch and emulate you, which means that you need to be on good behavior at [...]


5 Ways to Cut Costs at Your Restaurant

In a study by Cornell and Michigan State University, 70% of the restaurants in the study had closed after ten years of being in business. This means that watching and cutting costs could be the [...]


OpenTable vs. Urbanspoon: Which Online Reservation System Reigns Supreme?

If you use an online reservation system for your restaurant, since 1998, OpenTable was the only tool available. However, a few years ago, Urbanspoon came out with its new online booking service [...]


Restaurant Marketing: The Rise of Viral Videos

Viral videos themselves have been around for a while, but using them as a marketing tool is something fairly new – and it’s genius. They fall in the same category as Super Bowl [...]


Restaurant Bans Kids Under 18: Agree or Disagree?

The Sushi Bar, a restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia has made a pretty big statement: “no one under 18 years of age is allowed.” While many other restaurants around the country simply [...]

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