5 Tips to Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

It doesn’t matter how good your food is—if your customer service stinks, your bar or restaurant is in trouble. Your customers have tons of choices for where they can eat or drink, and if you’re [...]


Must Read Tips for Bar and Restaurant Management

Early on you will need to establish how assertive your management style will be. Become too friendly and you’ll earn a reputation as a pushover. On the flip side, if you push your staff too hard [...]


Fun Holiday Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant

It’s getting cold outside, the sound of bell ringers are in the air, and serious Christmas shoppers are looking for deals to make life a little. Many are willing to splurge on dinner and drinks [...]


The Benefits of Stellar Menu Design

According to a Gallop poll, customers spend an average of 109 seconds looking at restaurant menus. You’ve got less than two minutes to make an impression! So what does this mean for you? It means [...]


Are Daily Deals Right For Your Restaurant?

Groupon has been around since 2008, so by now you’re probably familiar with how it and other daily deals sites (such as LivingSocial) work. Your restaurant offers a great deal, such as $30 worth [...]


How to Market Your Restaurant to Millennials

The word “millennial” is tossed around constantly in magazine headlines and on the news. But it isn’t just a buzzword…it’s also a way to describe a huge group of your potential customers. Broadly [...]


Facebook Marketing Tips for Bars and Restaurants

Virtually everyone uses social media, more than half of Americans have an online profile, and nearly a quarter use social networking multiple times a day. If you have a target demographic they [...]


Awesome Bar Management Tips

Managing a bar is tough work. You’re in charge of making sure that everything’s running smoothly, and it can be a lot to handle! But by keeping these tips in mind, you can make managing more [...]


Twitter Basics for Bars and Restaurants

How familiar are you with Twitter? Are you using the Twitterverse to find new customers and drive repeat business? With over half a million active Twitter users you simply cannot ignore this [...]


Host a Beer Tasting Event to Increase Business at Your Bar

Beer is the new wine—at least, when it comes to tasting events. You’re probably familiar with wine tasting events and the crowds they can bring in. Did you know you can host the same kind of [...]

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