The BIG Benefits of Treating Employees Well

You probably pay a lot of attention to your customers. They’re the reason you’re in business, so you want them to be happy. But did you know that keeping your employees happy is just as [...]


Speed Vs. Quality of Service at Your Restaurant

When customers go out for a meal, they want to get exactly what they ordered, complete with impeccable service. But they also want their meal as soon as possible. So which one is more [...]


Must Follow Tips for Starting Your Own Restaurant [VIDEO]

If you are one of the many people who have worked in the restaurant or the fast food business, you might just be one of the 46% who also dream of owning your own restaurant someday. The one thing [...]


Double Down on a Competitive Social Experience at Your Bar

When Rod Ticknor opened his first Native New Yorker location in Phoenix in 1997, one of his early moves was to partner with Buzztime. Because Rod had played Buzztime’s trivia, cards and sports [...]


20 Easy Ways to Increase Beer Sales

There may be certain seasons or reasons that cause a drop in beer sales at your bar or restaurant. Well, have no fear; we have some tips for you to keep your customers smiling and holding an ice [...]


How to Handle When a Manager Chooses to Move to a Different Restaurant

You rely on managers for so many different things—they’re the people who keep your restaurant running! That’s why it can feel like such a kick in the gut if they decide to move on to [...]


Be Sneaky! How To Use Facebook to Spy On Your Competition

Almost every bar and restaurant has a Facebook page these days, and that’s good news for you. Through Facebook, you can learn all sorts of important information about your competition. But how? [...]


How to Transform a Bar into an Entertainment Hot Spot

What do you do when you decide to give your restaurant a major facelift? You put on your thinking cap (and your hard hat) to create an experience that stands out against the competition. The [...]


How to Upsell Without Turning off Guests [VIDEO]

Upselling is an important part of any bar or restaurant’s marketing and sales strategy and an obvious way to boost revenue. However, there’s a delicate balance between offering [...]


Real Facts About Your Customers’ Alcohol Consumption

What are the real facts about your customers’ alcohol consumption? The truth may surprise you! Blowfish’s Intoxication Nation lays down some real talk about what your customers are actually [...]

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