Tuesday is the New Friday: 11 Bar Theme Night Ideas

You and your guests have something in common: you both dread empty bars on weeknights. Guests want energy, entertainment, and escape from the midweek slump. You want more business. That’s why we [...]


6 Ways to Split Tips Between Employees

Lately, more restaurants are choosing to split tips between employees. Since so many factors play into how a customer may tip, restaurants want to guarantee fair payment for all employees at the [...]


13 Instagram Marketing Tips for Bars: The Essential DO and DON’T List

Kids these days call Instagram “the Gram.” But it’s not just teens scrolling through the photo-sharing social media platform: nearly 40 percent of all social media users are on Instagram, making [...]


Restaurant Names and Ideas: 3 Rules and 7 Thought Starters

What’s in a name? Everything, if you’re a bar or restaurant owner. Whether you think it’s time to rename your venue, or you’re a startup in search of restaurant names and ideas, we’ve got you [...]


6 Smart Steps for Conflict Resolution in Restaurants

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It’s no coincidence that this saying about high-pressure situations has its origins in food prep! When things get busy, tempers can heat up in [...]


12 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Seniors

Imagine showing your grandparents the newest gaming app. Instead of asking you to put your phone or tablet away, they might want to play next! Today’s seniors are embracing mobile apps, [...]


8 Budget-Friendly Bar Promotions for Football Season

No need to throw a Hail Mary and hope for crowds on gameday. With these 8 low- cost strategies all under $500, you can launch bar promotions for football season that bring fans rushing into your [...]


4 Steps to Social Media Promotions for Restaurants that Win Customers

With over 65 million business pages on Facebook, how can social media promotions for restaurants stand out? That number doesn’t include the millions of businesses on Instagram, Twitter, and even [...]

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