December 31, 2012 Should Staff Be Allowed to Have a Few Drinks After Work in the Bar?

staff drinking

The second post in our series polling the opinion of hospitality industry professionals (read the first post HERE) is again related to how management handles its staff. A few days ago, we posed the following question to our friends on Facebook:

“Should staff be allowed to have a few drinks after work in the bar?”

The response was pretty much split right down the middle: half of you said “yes,” while the other half said “heck no.”

“No. There are likely 100 other bars in town. Go find one,” Chris Miller wrote. “‘Shift drink’ policies ALWAYS get abused. I’ve never ever ever ever seen one that worked profitably for an operator.”

David Davis is on team heck no and says “Never. Dont need the liaibility, nor do you need your employees getting drunk and unprofessional for customers to see …”

Patrick Kenny took it a step further, saying that you can’t have staff consuming in front of customers, regardless of whether or not they’re working. “It is extremely unprofessional, and wide open to all kinds of unexpected or unwanted problems,” Kenny said. “No ‘have a shot with me’ either. If they need a glass of water, do it on a break, out of sight.”

On the other side of the spectrum, we have just as many responses from those in favor of letting staff drink at the bar after their shift.

Paul Ingram put it bluntly by saying “After…work…in…the…bar. They are not working then.”

Bob Devine is also in favor, but with a stipulation.”Yes, with strict limit of 1 drink. Too many people take advantage then make fools of themselves,” he wrote.

Nancy O’Neill echoes Bob’s sentiments by saying “Absolutely, if you are in control you wont let it get out of control. Customers want to buy bartender a drink and they arent allowed to drink while working.”

In summary, the industry seems split on whether or not staff should be allowed to have drinks in their place of business.

If you’d like to see some additional comments from industry professionals, visit our Facebook page and as always, please feel free to add thoughts or stories below!

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