QB1 is Buzztime's exciting football strategy game played in conjunction with live professional football telecasts. Put yourself in the quarterback's cleats and Predict the Play™! QB1 is a selectable game at classic Buzztime locations on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays - Ask your server to turn it on!

Play along with nationally televised night games on Th/Su/M. Sunday day games change based on availability.

Sun - 1/18, 3:00pmET/12:00pmPT - Green Bay @ Seattle

Sun - 1/18, 6:30pmET/3:30pmPT - Indianapolis @ New England




  • Ask your server for a Playmaker® or download the Mobile Playmaker app for your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Follow the prompts to log in, register or play as a guest
  • Choose Play QB1 from the menu on the Playmaker
  • If you join before the game starts, you’ll be prompted to participate in the Kickoff Synchronization. Hit "enter" as soon as you see the ball kicked on your TV.
  • In the yellow “Play Zone,” on the right, are the QB1 buttons. All QB1 play-calls are based off a basic “Run” or “Pass” call.
  • You can add direction (“Left,” “Middle” or “Right”) and/or distance (“Back,” “Short” or “Deep”) to make more elaborate play-calls which will result in higher risk / higher reward for scoring.
  • Players may use one “Gamebreaker” per each set of downs. Gamebreaker doubles your points (gain or loss) on that play you choose to use it.
  • You can earn additional points with Consecutive Calls (“CC’s”) and Bonus Points (“Bon”) which will display on your Playmaker and the leaderboard.
  • Leaderboards will display on the televisions in the site to show a variety of standings including: your site leaderboard, your rank per team, your rank per quarter, etcetera. National rankings will be displayed at halftime and after the game.
  • If you are a registered member, you will be able to see your score and ranking in My Stats on Buzztime.com
  • Additional rules, strategy and a scoring matrix are available online.
  • Get out and Play!

QB1 is fun to play and easy to learn. You just need to decide if the offense will run or pass the ball on the next play and enter your prediction into your Playmaker. Get it right and you get points, guess wrong and you lose those points.

Now that we know the basics, let's take it up a notch. Will he pass left, up the middle or to the right? Will it be a short pass or a bomb? Are they going to try to punch it through with their third down back?

The more accurate you predict the next play, the more points you earn if you get it right. Get it wrong and you guessed it, the more points you lose. Are you beginning to see the possibilities here? Football is no longer just about watching but rather, participating!

It's now 4th and 5 and the offense is down by 4 points with 15 seconds left in the game. Will you call the long pass and hit the Gamebreaker button to double your reward if they go to the end zone? Do you suspect a delayed draw-play against an unsuspecting defense to get a new set of downs? Or will you play it safe and sit this one out, letting your opponents predict the play and possibly take the lead? The decision is yours and you will have a blast making it!

Still looking for more QB1 details? Visit the pages below to learn more!

How to Play | FAQ | Rules | Strategy | Scoring Matrix