Buzztime's Gaming Tablet
Buzztime's Gaming Tablet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I use the same Username and Password to log into the gaming Tablet?
A: Yes, just log in the way you would on our website, mobile or blue classic Playmaker.

Q: Is it free to play on the gaming Tablet?
A: Yes, playing Buzztime on the Tablet is free! In the future, we may charge for the single-player arcade games, but for now, your entire Tablet experience is free.

Q: Will I still earn Badges and PlayersPlus® points?
A: Yes, you will still earn Badges and PlayersPlus points, just as if you were playing on the classic blue Playmaker. But now you'll also earn Tickets that you can use to enter monthly drawings for the prizes you want to win! Learn more about Buzztime Regulars

Q: What's this Buzztime Regulars thing I see on the gaming Tablet?
A: Buzztime Regulars is the new player reward program and is only available on the gaming Tablets. You can learn ALL about it here.

Q: What games are supported on the gaming Tablet?
A: To see a list of games currently supported on the Tablets click here.

Buzztime's Gaming Tablet