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Notice anything a little different when you log in to create ads for your Buzztime TV’s? We’ve just updated our ad backgrounds to give you some beautiful new options for jazzing up your in-house marketing!

We’ve added backgrounds that have a sleek, modern look to make your messages even more eye-catching as they run on your Buzztime TV’s. And it’s not just the Buzztime players taking notice – any patron in your venue will be able to see these ads as long as you have Buzztime playing on your dedicated TV’s!

With a slew of categories to choose from, you can now create an advertisement for any occasion! That includes food and drink specials, live music, special events, the big game and much more.

Special AnnouncementBurgers Stadium
Once you select one of our new backgrounds, then you have the option to add your message. You can include details like dates and times of your event, any specials going on during the week or prizing you might be handing out for an upcoming Buzztime promotion. You can also customize your text by adjusting the font size, type and color to really make your message POP!

Already have a flier that you would like to use for an ad? We have an option for you to upload customized ads as well, with any picture and messaging you’ve already created. Just go to Create New Ad, click Customized Backgrounds and upload the jpeg file of your flier. It’s that easy!

We also make scheduling your ad simple too, so you don’t have to worry about uploading the same content each week or month. Once you’ve completed your advertisement, the final step is selecting the start and end date for your ad to run and the days you’d like your ad to appear on your Buzztime TV’s. This way, you control when your ads stop running after your event or promotion has ended.

Buzztime Digital Signage is a fun and unique way to add in-house marketing on your TV’s. If you need any help creating an ad, reach out to your Buzztime Support Rep and they’ll be able to assist you!