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What are Badges?

Badges are achievements that you earn for being a trivia expert. They are content specific, very cool looking and extremely socially oriented. You will be able to collect these Badges, brag about them, and use them as a way to examine which subjects you excel at the most.

What games do I need to play to earn Badges?

You will be able to earn Badges every time you play Lunchtime Trivia, Countdown and The Late Shift.

How do I earn Badges?

There are three different kinds of Badges you can earn right now for playing Lunchtime Trivia, Countdown and The Late Shift:

Perfect Score Badges: Every time you get a perfect score on a single question during one of the above games you will earn a Badge that relates to the content/subject of the question.

Participation Badges: You’ll earn these Badges just for playing!
Score Threshold Badges: You’ll earn these Badges by reaching the score threshold during your game!

How many points do I have to get in a game to hit the score threshold?

Please refer to the following table:

Score Needed
Countdown 6000
Lunchtime Trivia3000
The Late Shift6000

When will the Badges show up on my profile page?

If your location is connected to the Internet, the Badges will show up within minutes of you earning them!

Will I earn a Badge for every perfect score I get?

Yes! As long as you are playing Lunchtime Trivia, Countdown and The Late Shift, you will be able to earn a Badge for every perfect score you achieve.

Can I earn more than one Badge for getting a perfect score?

You will only earn one Badge per perfect score achieved. Hopefully, you get multiple perfect scores per game!

What do I get for Badges?

For right now… you get bragging rights!

The rarity of my Badges keep changing… why?

Great Question! The rarity of Badges will be updated nightly depending on what Badges have been earned across the network. Some nights, one Badge might be more common than another, and every night your Badge rarity will reflect this. This will keep you on your toes and account for the variety and randomization of Buzztime questions.

My Badges have different borders around them. What’s that all about?

These borders represent the different Badge levels! The more times you earn a certain Badge, the higher the Badge level!

There are seven Badge levels:

1 Badge5 Badges10 Badges50 Badges100 Badges200 Badges500 Badges

Do I get PlayersPlus points for earning Badges?

Yes and No. You will not receive PlayersPlus points for earning perfect score Badges. However, the Participation Badges and Threshold Badges are tied into our PlayersPlus system and you will be awarded points at the same time you receive those Badges.

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