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Texas Hold’em

What if I can’t see my hole cards on the Playmaker?

Press the space bar to refresh the screen on the Playmaker.

What is a BOT?

When there are less than 8 players in a Texas Hold’em game, you will see 4 computer opponents. These are called BOTS.

How do I remove BOTS?

On your Playmaker, there will be an option to “Remove BOTS.” Press that option and the BOTS will go away. There must be two or more live players in the game to have the option to “Remove BOTS.” The option to “Remove BOTS” occurs after each hand on your Playmaker.

How many “chips” do I start with?

Players Plus members start with 4000 “chips.” Guests start with 2000.

Can I earn Players Plus points for Texas Hold’em?

No. Legal issues prevent us from awarding Players Plus points for Hold’em.

Can I play tournament style Texas Hold’em?

Yes. You must go to the On-Demand Menu to select a tournament game. Usually, the manager will need to log in to do this. From there you can set up a tournament style game where players are eliminated once they lose all their “chips.”

What happens to my chips if I leave the table?

Your chips will be banked. If you leave the table and come back without logging out (i.e. switch over to play trivia), you will retain the chips that you had before you left. If you log out, and then log back in, you will bank your chips and start fresh with either 2000 or 4000.

Where can I see my chip count?

Your chip count for the last 6 months can be found on in the MyStats section of the page. Click on view stats and then click the Casual tab to view your Hold’em winnings. You must be a registered member for us to keep track of your chips.

I see that other players have avatars next to their names. How do I get one?

You must be a registered member to create an avatar. If you are, visit the “My Profile” page to create or edit your avatar. Your avatar will appear at your home site when you are logged in. It will show up in various places in the Texas Hold’em game.

I don’t see Buzztime’s Card games at my location and the manager says they don’t have them

Buzztime’s Card games are not available in the states of ND, MN, WV, MT, MS and OR as well as certain locations in SC and the town of Weymouth, MA due to local laws.


  1. Grab a Playmaker® or a Gaming Tablet
  2. Follow the prompts to log in, register or play as a guest
  3. Choose Texas Hold’em from the menu
  4. You will be dealt two cards on your gaming device. These are your hole cards. Nobody else will be able to see these cards. The five community cards will appear on screen as well as the gaming device.
  5. Check, bet, fold and raise using the number choices on your gaming device
  6. You will have 15 seconds to decide what to do once it’s your turn
  7. Check the hand results at the end of the hand to see who won
  8. Leaderboards will show chip counts. You will also see your chip count under your Display Name.
  9. If you are a registered PlayersPlus member, you will be able to see your cumulative “winnings” on your profile page
  10. Your scores will be ranked across the nation as well, so check to see how you did at the end of the game on our National Leaderboard!
  11. Get out and Play!

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