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The Daytona Beach area has its share of local and franchise sports bars. One of the better known local bars (with four locations) is Houligan?s Sports Bar. A large franchise-like bar and restaurant, Houligan?s has an atmosphere of local with the service expectations of a larger restaurant. As a sports venue, Houligan?s is great. Large screens are everywhere and your favorite sport is bound to be on one or two of them. Bar areas are very large and separated from the restaurant section (not so much in the Ormond Beach original location). You can enjoy a bar atmosphere or hang back in the restaurant side for a more laid-back, quiet time. Buzztime trivia is a staple on the TV's, and competition is fierce. Many P+ players in all 4 locations.As evidenced by the sports bar?s web page URL, wings are Houligan?s specialty. If it wasn?t for my love of Buffalo, N.Y.?s Anchor Bar?s wings, Houligan?s would be my favorite. The restaurant?s Wally Wings are grilled and are just awesome. Don?

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