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Bud Murphy's Sports Bar & Restaurant

718 McCormick Ave

Connellsville, PA 15425

(724) 628-9884

Bud Murphy's Sports bar and restaurant has been located in Connellsville, Pa for over 70 years. It was started as a small local dairy bar by Bud and his wife Hazel Murphy. It has evolved over the years into one of the largest local gathering places in the area. Bud's serves a wide variety of food and liquor. It is best known for its delicious pizza. With the addition of our newly remodeled banquet rooms Bud's has also filled a need for a 1st class place to hold your party or gathering without spending a small fortune. Bud's over the years has become known throughout the local comunity as a constant supporter of local sports teams in the area. This is displayed throughout the restaurant in the numerous photos and trophies dating back many generations.

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