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Top Trivia Locations

Rank⇅ Location⇅ Gold⇅ Silver⇅ Bronze↑ Top 100⇅ Top Score⇅
rank:129 location:Hangar 38 Tallahassee
Tallahassee, FL
Gold:26 Silver:1 Bronze:1 top100:668 TotalScore:9,007,599
rank:132 location:Time Out Sports Bar
Shreveport, LA
Gold:24 Silver:3 Bronze:1 top100:915 TotalScore:15,928,318
rank:143 location:Tailgate Tavern
Parker, CO
Gold:22 Silver:2 Bronze:1 top100:884 TotalScore:12,677,272
rank:152 location:Okie Tonk Cafe
Moore, OK
Gold:20 Silver:2 Bronze:1 top100:630 TotalScore:13,513,526
rank:183 location:Jughandle Inn
Cinnaminson, NJ
Gold:15 Silver:0 Bronze:1 top100:1264 TotalScore:16,196,903
rank:197 location:Buenos Tiempos
Broomfield, CO
Gold:13 Silver:0 Bronze:1 top100:1386 TotalScore:12,226,032
rank:199 location:Castaway's Bar & Grill
Crystal River, FL
Gold:12 Silver:1 Bronze:1 top100:1110 TotalScore:20,263,994
rank:200 location:Keesler Air Force Base
Biloxi, MS
Gold:12 Silver:1 Bronze:1 top100:42 TotalScore:416,829
rank:120 location:JD's Tavern
Apex, NC
Gold:29 Silver:4 Bronze:2 top100:1315 TotalScore:15,515,158
rank:127 location:Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar Coon Rapids
Coon Rapids, MN
Gold:27 Silver:3 Bronze:2 top100:1030 TotalScore:12,202,172
rank:145 location:Moose Lodge 1585 Big Pine Key
Big Pine Key, FL
Gold:22 Silver:0 Bronze:2 top100:846 TotalScore:8,397,931
rank:171 location:Lake Havasu Cigars
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Gold:17 Silver:2 Bronze:2 top100:626 TotalScore:10,183,166
rank:176 location:Gabby's
Toronto, ON
Gold:16 Silver:0 Bronze:2 top100:515 TotalScore:7,056,792
rank:188 location:Boomerz
Austin, TX
Gold:14 Silver:3 Bronze:2 top100:527 TotalScore:15,501,331
rank:189 location:Mudrock's Tap & Tavern
Louisville, CO
Gold:14 Silver:2 Bronze:2 top100:793 TotalScore:17,449,457
rank:81 location:Lonestar Grill and Sports Cafe
Richardson, TX
Gold:54 Silver:6 Bronze:3 top100:920 TotalScore:10,834,130
rank:139 location:Whistlers Inn
Cinnaminson, NJ
Gold:23 Silver:4 Bronze:3 top100:2167 TotalScore:21,606,185
rank:144 location:American Legion Post 135
Perryville, MD
Gold:22 Silver:1 Bronze:3 top100:1190 TotalScore:20,437,308
rank:154 location:Finnegan's Pub and Grille
Port Charlotte, FL
Gold:20 Silver:0 Bronze:3 top100:1277 TotalScore:13,744,508
rank:159 location:Wallaby's
Lenexa, KS
Gold:19 Silver:1 Bronze:3 top100:877 TotalScore:27,782,566
rank:178 location:Lost Beach
Fort Smith, AR
Gold:15 Silver:4 Bronze:3 top100:589 TotalScore:10,290,458
rank:196 location:71st Street Depot
Gold:13 Silver:1 Bronze:3 top100:606 TotalScore:13,329,517
rank:104 location:Lefty's Tavern & Grille
Coral Springs, FL
Gold:37 Silver:5 Bronze:4 top100:798 TotalScore:5,231,157
rank:118 location:Sportsline Bar & Grill
Lawrenceville, GA
Gold:31 Silver:0 Bronze:4 top100:1091 TotalScore:13,483,265
rank:128 location:Brewlands Bar & Billiards
Tampa, FL
Gold:27 Silver:0 Bronze:4 top100:544 TotalScore:5,689,330
rank:130 location:Island Bar and Grill
Myrtle Beach, SC
Gold:25 Silver:1 Bronze:4 top100:1076 TotalScore:12,404,768
rank:140 location:Franks Press Box
Lansing, MI
Gold:23 Silver:0 Bronze:4 top100:964 TotalScore:13,015,045
rank:150 location:Cormier's Kitchen
Spring, TX
Gold:20 Silver:4 Bronze:4 top100:1174 TotalScore:21,948,576
rank:160 location:Native Grill & Wings Foothills
Phoenix, AZ
Gold:18 Silver:13 Bronze:4 top100:741 TotalScore:6,265,082
rank:181 location:Sneakers Sports Lounge
Abbotsford, BC
Gold:15 Silver:2 Bronze:4 top100:1838 TotalScore:10,160,342
rank:52 location:Buffalo Wild Wings Hattiesburg
Hattiesburg, MS
Gold:87 Silver:6 Bronze:5 top100:1883 TotalScore:21,228,902
rank:53 location:Paradise Grille
Marietta, GA
Gold:87 Silver:4 Bronze:5 top100:1263 TotalScore:10,084,610
rank:95 location:Stewart's Brewing Co.
Bear, DE
Gold:45 Silver:5 Bronze:5 top100:1373 TotalScore:36,986,896
rank:97 location:Boston's Bar & Grille
Tempe, AZ
Gold:44 Silver:11 Bronze:5 top100:1542 TotalScore:18,635,102
rank:99 location:Te Romas
Centerline, MI
Gold:39 Silver:1 Bronze:5 top100:677 TotalScore:6,714,046
rank:111 location:Wolfies Sports Bar - 249 @ Spring Cypress
Houston, TX
Gold:35 Silver:1 Bronze:5 top100:1306 TotalScore:19,422,000
rank:121 location:Bull's Eye Sports Pub
Brooklyn, NY
Gold:29 Silver:2 Bronze:5 top100:647 TotalScore:17,893,319
rank:126 location:Wings ETC
Huntington, IN
Gold:27 Silver:5 Bronze:5 top100:1218 TotalScore:22,705,750
rank:151 location:Native Grill & Wings Marana
Tucson, AZ
Gold:20 Silver:2 Bronze:5 top100:542 TotalScore:5,904,704
rank:157 location:Gator Jake's
Sterling Heights, MI
Gold:19 Silver:5 Bronze:5 top100:1479 TotalScore:16,930,272
rank:158 location:Mountaintop Pub & Eatery
Mountain Top, PA
Gold:19 Silver:2 Bronze:5 top100:616 TotalScore:7,088,197
rank:164 location:Doc's Pub Irish Sports Bar
Burlington, NJ
Gold:18 Silver:5 Bronze:5 top100:1793 TotalScore:14,335,794
rank:170 location:Locals Pub
Orange Park, FL
Gold:17 Silver:2 Bronze:5 top100:1161 TotalScore:17,144,452
rank:187 location:Pizzeria 131
Bar Harbor, ME
Gold:14 Silver:3 Bronze:5 top100:516 TotalScore:15,992,643
rank:190 location:Gridiron Bar & Grill
Sugar Land, TX
Gold:14 Silver:1 Bronze:5 top100:527 TotalScore:8,829,231
rank:193 location:Effingbar & Grill
Albuquerque, NM
Gold:13 Silver:6 Bronze:5 top100:2199 TotalScore:38,826,705
rank:102 location:Crosstown Pub and Grill
Naperville, IL
Gold:37 Silver:12 Bronze:6 top100:1409 TotalScore:13,638,101
rank:153 location:Fat Daddy's Pub & Grille
Tulsa, OK
Gold:20 Silver:1 Bronze:6 top100:1229 TotalScore:14,678,250
rank:163 location:Hanko's Sports Bar & Grill
Lake Osewego, OR
Gold:18 Silver:5 Bronze:6 top100:850 TotalScore:21,637,660
rank:167 location:Kain's Silver Bullet Saloon
Thornton, CO
Gold:17 Silver:8 Bronze:6 top100:695 TotalScore:9,488,311
rank:168 location:McGillacuddy's Sports Bar & Grill
Portland, OR
Gold:17 Silver:6 Bronze:6 top100:1268 TotalScore:23,060,345
rank:173 location:Rochester Mills
Rochester, MI
Gold:16 Silver:7 Bronze:6 top100:1689 TotalScore:29,643,215
rank:174 location:Buffalo Wild Wings Ridgeland
Ridgeland, MS
Gold:16 Silver:7 Bronze:6 top100:1400 TotalScore:25,009,340
rank:180 location:Occasions Restaurant
Toronto, ON
Gold:15 Silver:3 Bronze:6 top100:940 TotalScore:23,451,175
rank:182 location:Third Base Sports Bar and Brewery
Cedar Rapids, IA
Gold:15 Silver:1 Bronze:6 top100:2017 TotalScore:44,217,309
rank:198 location:Chicago Pub and Billiards
Kitchener, ON
Gold:12 Silver:8 Bronze:6 top100:2129 TotalScore:30,348,328
rank:51 location:Booker's Bar & Grill
South Elgin, IL
Gold:88 Silver:7 Bronze:7 top100:1398 TotalScore:15,373,943
rank:56 location:Stumble Inn
Londonderry, NH
Gold:85 Silver:7 Bronze:7 top100:2183 TotalScore:26,946,284
rank:70 location:Tailgators Sports Cafe
Fargo, ND
Gold:61 Silver:3 Bronze:7 top100:985 TotalScore:19,879,760
rank:90 location:Pitchers Sports Restaurant
Aurora, CO
Gold:48 Silver:6 Bronze:7 top100:1631 TotalScore:20,995,989
rank:101 location:Drunken Monkeys
Denver, CO
Gold:38 Silver:7 Bronze:7 top100:1133 TotalScore:9,197,307
rank:103 location:Archibald's Pub
Richmond Hill, ON
Gold:37 Silver:10 Bronze:7 top100:1437 TotalScore:21,078,999
rank:175 location:Cricketers Pub
Dunedin, FL
Gold:16 Silver:6 Bronze:7 top100:2021 TotalScore:30,845,221
rank:179 location:The Dock At Water
Chillicothe, OH
Gold:15 Silver:3 Bronze:7 top100:1842 TotalScore:20,972,708
rank:192 location:Massey's Pizza Sports Bar and Wings Heath
Reynoldsburg, OH
Gold:13 Silver:6 Bronze:7 top100:932 TotalScore:21,388,671
rank:37 location:Macado's
Kingsport, TN
Gold:155 Silver:5 Bronze:8 top100:1044 TotalScore:8,306,684
rank:87 location:Angry Pepper Taphouse
Seminole, FL
Gold:50 Silver:7 Bronze:8 top100:2331 TotalScore:23,654,668
rank:122 location:Phil's Sports Bar and Grill
Brookfield, IL
Gold:28 Silver:15 Bronze:8 top100:504 TotalScore:9,403,981
rank:162 location:Spanx Saloon
Pompano Beach, FL
Gold:18 Silver:7 Bronze:8 top100:1630 TotalScore:20,194,491
rank:84 location:Mac's Tavern
Cary, NC
Gold:51 Silver:4 Bronze:9 top100:2099 TotalScore:35,492,363
rank:94 location:Chicago Loop
Streamwood, IL
Gold:45 Silver:11 Bronze:9 top100:2005 TotalScore:40,848,749
rank:109 location:Time Out Tavern
Humble, TX
Gold:35 Silver:8 Bronze:9 top100:2712 TotalScore:26,039,666
rank:123 location:Mckenna's Place
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Gold:28 Silver:12 Bronze:9 top100:1522 TotalScore:25,226,572
rank:131 location:Grotto Pizza Long Neck
Long Neck, DE
Gold:24 Silver:7 Bronze:9 top100:1989 TotalScore:33,539,347
rank:138 location:Mobys Pub
Salt Springs Island, BC
Gold:23 Silver:8 Bronze:9 top100:405 TotalScore:4,049,089
rank:148 location:The Lockeroom
Barrie, ON
Gold:20 Silver:4 Bronze:9 top100:719 TotalScore:9,734,684
rank:149 location:O'Blarney's Irish Pub
Olympia, WA
Gold:20 Silver:4 Bronze:9 top100:617 TotalScore:13,095,799
rank:165 location:The Dawg House
London, ON
Gold:17 Silver:13 Bronze:9 top100:1024 TotalScore:19,470,673
rank:172 location:The Crooked Uncle Bar and Grill
Oshawa, ON
Gold:16 Silver:8 Bronze:9 top100:1144 TotalScore:22,760,738
rank:186 location:The Sand Trap Sports Bar & Grill
Beaumont, CA
Gold:14 Silver:4 Bronze:9 top100:1091 TotalScore:10,355,786
rank:195 location:Hecklers Bar & Grill
Victoria, BC
Gold:13 Silver:3 Bronze:9 top100:544 TotalScore:13,656,706
rank:110 location:The Broken Barrel
Palm Bay, FL
Gold:35 Silver:6 Bronze:10 top100:1413 TotalScore:36,082,532
rank:112 location:Murphy's Taproom
Manchester, NH
Gold:34 Silver:20 Bronze:10 top100:505 TotalScore:7,423,032
rank:119 location:Challengers Sports Bar & Restaurant
Aurora, CO
Gold:30 Silver:6 Bronze:10 top100:1674 TotalScore:18,213,633
rank:194 location:O'Brian's Sports Tavern
Bismarck, ND
Gold:13 Silver:4 Bronze:10 top100:1613 TotalScore:25,974,532
rank:67 location:The Hive Bar
Port Charlotte, FL
Gold:67 Silver:10 Bronze:11 top100:1884 TotalScore:13,873,062
rank:68 location:The Well Sports Tavern
Minneapolis, MN
Gold:66 Silver:4 Bronze:11 top100:1727 TotalScore:25,097,473
rank:74 location:Wings Etc. Boiling Springs
Boiling Springs, SC
Gold:58 Silver:8 Bronze:11 top100:4840 TotalScore:52,792,336
rank:89 location:Water Hole
Valrico, FL
Gold:48 Silver:9 Bronze:11 top100:2519 TotalScore:27,255,084
rank:124 location:Buffalo Wings & Rings North Port
North Port, FL
Gold:28 Silver:5 Bronze:11 top100:4292 TotalScore:72,411,303
rank:125 location:Johnny Malloy's Bonita Springs
Bonita Springs, FL
Gold:27 Silver:11 Bronze:11 top100:2275 TotalScore:40,358,387
rank:141 location:Rookies Restaurant and Sports Bar
Oceanside, CA
Gold:22 Silver:18 Bronze:11 top100:1519 TotalScore:24,698,045
rank:169 location:Big Louie's
Crystal, MN
Gold:17 Silver:5 Bronze:11 top100:1867 TotalScore:31,595,845
rank:69 location:Houligans Palm Coast
Palm Coast, FL
Gold:64 Silver:6 Bronze:12 top100:3782 TotalScore:46,295,975
rank:106 location:The Greene Turtle - Christiana
Newark, DE
Gold:36 Silver:3 Bronze:12 top100:2069 TotalScore:32,373,896
rank:114 location:Slice 19
Henderson, NV
Gold:34 Silver:10 Bronze:12 top100:1053 TotalScore:8,706,438
rank:117 location:Stained Glass Pub
Silver Spring, MD
Gold:31 Silver:7 Bronze:12 top100:1691 TotalScore:20,748,707
rank:80 location:The Smokehouse Eatery and Pub
Brighton, ON
Gold:54 Silver:21 Bronze:13 top100:1935 TotalScore:38,021,825
rank:86 location:Time Out West Sports Pub
Gold:50 Silver:8 Bronze:13 top100:1326 TotalScore:29,094,852
rank:142 location:Ft Lowell Depot
Tucson, AZ
Gold:22 Silver:7 Bronze:13 top100:1871 TotalScore:20,232,290
rank:161 location:Chasers Bar and Grill
Oshawa, ON
Gold:18 Silver:7 Bronze:13 top100:2115 TotalScore:32,499,498
rank:166 location:Mangorita's Rhythm House
Fort Myers, FL
Gold:17 Silver:9 Bronze:13 top100:894 TotalScore:17,749,775
rank:185 location:Tom's Bullpen
Dover, DE
Gold:14 Silver:13 Bronze:13 top100:1068 TotalScore:18,979,883
rank:54 location:Hooligans'
Ormond Beach, FL
Gold:86 Silver:10 Bronze:14 top100:2789 TotalScore:29,394,390
rank:73 location:Bud Murphy's Sports Bar & Restaurant
Connellsville, PA
Gold:59 Silver:12 Bronze:14 top100:871 TotalScore:12,620,159
rank:96 location:The Old Barn
Portland, OR
Gold:45 Silver:4 Bronze:14 top100:1394 TotalScore:24,130,039
rank:113 location:LT's Sports Bar and Grill
Cypress, TX
Gold:34 Silver:16 Bronze:14 top100:1384 TotalScore:20,624,614
rank:135 location:Boston Pizza Beddington
Calgary, AB
Gold:23 Silver:12 Bronze:14 top100:3321 TotalScore:31,242,073
rank:146 location:Champs
Peterborough, ON
Gold:21 Silver:9 Bronze:14 top100:1320 TotalScore:24,705,459
rank:191 location:B-52 Burger and Brew
Inver Grove Heights, MN
Gold:13 Silver:10 Bronze:14 top100:332 TotalScore:4,903,475
rank:41 location:Post Haus Pub
Kelowna, BC
Gold:145 Silver:22 Bronze:15 top100:2234 TotalScore:34,700,460
rank:98 location:O'Brien's Sports Bar
Phoenix, AZ
Gold:43 Silver:21 Bronze:15 top100:1538 TotalScore:17,564,428
rank:137 location:Patsy's Irish Pub Mission Viejo
Mission Viejo, CA
Gold:23 Silver:9 Bronze:16 top100:2560 TotalScore:21,907,453
rank:155 location:Lucky's Burger Shack
Irmo, SC
Gold:19 Silver:16 Bronze:16 top100:2002 TotalScore:27,757,618
rank:50 location:Emerson Biggins
Wichita, KS
Gold:89 Silver:12 Bronze:17 top100:1458 TotalScore:18,728,080
rank:100 location:Jet's Pizza - Farragut
Farragut, TN
Gold:38 Silver:7 Bronze:17 top100:987 TotalScore:14,522,129
rank:136 location:Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill
Ypsilanti, MI
Gold:23 Silver:11 Bronze:17 top100:3041 TotalScore:61,523,207
rank:55 location:Casper's Cherokee of Eagan
Eagan, MN
Gold:85 Silver:26 Bronze:18 top100:2824 TotalScore:38,039,519
rank:61 location:Old Chicago Dubuque
Dubuque, IA
Gold:78 Silver:19 Bronze:18 top100:2169 TotalScore:18,809,265
rank:66 location:Jimmy's Food & Drink
Vadnais Heights, MN
Gold:69 Silver:14 Bronze:18 top100:2660 TotalScore:54,218,048
rank:76 location:Magoo's Sports & Spirits
Myrtle Beach, SC
Gold:57 Silver:11 Bronze:18 top100:3439 TotalScore:53,203,192
rank:79 location:The Lodge Sports Bar and Billiards
Longview, TX
Gold:55 Silver:14 Bronze:18 top100:1274 TotalScore:15,597,936
rank:105 location:Priceless Primetime
Chandler, AZ
Gold:36 Silver:10 Bronze:18 top100:2157 TotalScore:21,597,714
rank:108 location:Adventures Pub & Spirits
Biloxi, MS
Gold:35 Silver:13 Bronze:18 top100:1043 TotalScore:14,924,772
rank:156 location:Chris's Pub
Odessa, TX
Gold:19 Silver:9 Bronze:18 top100:870 TotalScore:18,256,817
rank:83 location:Slate Street Billiards Sports Bar and Grill
Rio Rancho, NM
Gold:51 Silver:18 Bronze:19 top100:1790 TotalScore:30,399,765
rank:88 location:Brookside II Sports Bar & Grille
Surprise, AZ
Gold:48 Silver:23 Bronze:19 top100:2091 TotalScore:22,615,366
rank:115 location:The Common Interest Karaoke Bar and Grill
Austin, TX
Gold:32 Silver:18 Bronze:19 top100:2736 TotalScore:46,597,717
rank:28 location:Dudley's Sports Bar & Grill
Wichita, KS
Gold:178 Silver:18 Bronze:20 top100:5752 TotalScore:63,420,376
rank:58 location:Niagara Tap
Largo, FL
Gold:81 Silver:11 Bronze:20 top100:4745 TotalScore:64,711,879
rank:62 location:The Revolution Darts and Billiards Springfield
Springfield, VA
Gold:74 Silver:18 Bronze:20 top100:1126 TotalScore:17,703,625
rank:82 location:JJ Madisons
Mesa, AZ
Gold:52 Silver:8 Bronze:20 top100:2564 TotalScore:19,982,349
rank:93 location:The Revolution Darts and Billiards Fairfax
Fairfax, VA
Gold:46 Silver:12 Bronze:20 top100:1780 TotalScore:29,339,926
rank:147 location:Legends
Aurora, CO
Gold:20 Silver:5 Bronze:20 top100:1170 TotalScore:19,535,114
rank:33 location:Willie Stouts
Toronto, ON
Gold:166 Silver:24 Bronze:21 top100:2625 TotalScore:35,746,332
rank:49 location:Crab's Claw Inn
Lavallette, NJ
Gold:96 Silver:11 Bronze:21 top100:2695 TotalScore:19,408,313
rank:85 location:Brittany's Restaurant & Sports Bar
Woodbridge, VA
Gold:50 Silver:20 Bronze:21 top100:5146 TotalScore:89,232,254
rank:184 location:Baseline Pub
Surrey, BC
Gold:14 Silver:17 Bronze:21 top100:3063 TotalScore:29,821,972
rank:177 location:McGlynns Pub Polly Drummond
Newark, DE
Gold:15 Silver:20 Bronze:22 top100:1757 TotalScore:26,005,547
rank:38 location:Chubbyz 2 Tavern
Port Charlotte, FL
Gold:154 Silver:12 Bronze:23 top100:6079 TotalScore:62,544,402
rank:116 location:The Lions Den Bar & Grill
Pinetop, AZ
Gold:31 Silver:10 Bronze:23 top100:3732 TotalScore:30,647,519
rank:133 location:CK's Tavern & Grill
Phoenix, AZ
Gold:23 Silver:21 Bronze:25 top100:906 TotalScore:17,641,750
rank:16 location:Woody's Press Box
Wyoming, MI
Gold:397 Silver:15 Bronze:26 top100:3711 TotalScore:27,172,331
rank:23 location:Kaye Schultz Photography
Olive Branch, MS
Gold:213 Silver:41 Bronze:26 top100:2555 TotalScore:29,377,231
rank:134 location:Ron's Pub
Houston, TX
Gold:23 Silver:19 Bronze:26 top100:2019 TotalScore:33,378,795
rank:34 location:Maguire's Bar & Grill
Bloomington, IL
Gold:161 Silver:30 Bronze:27 top100:3546 TotalScore:39,044,482
rank:44 location:Beef's Deep Creek
Punta Gorda, FL
Gold:129 Silver:18 Bronze:27 top100:5395 TotalScore:51,784,382
rank:107 location:Woody's On Brunette
Coquitlam, BC
Gold:35 Silver:15 Bronze:28 top100:1848 TotalScore:18,049,290
rank:91 location:Wooden Nickel
Appleton, WI
Gold:47 Silver:21 Bronze:30 top100:2477 TotalScore:28,757,258
Pace, FL
Gold:60 Silver:30 Bronze:32 top100:1128 TotalScore:14,759,487
rank:43 location:Home Turf Sports Bar
Portland, OR
Gold:139 Silver:10 Bronze:33 top100:2867 TotalScore:25,069,764
rank:45 location:Elsa's Corner Cantina
Dayton, OH
Gold:118 Silver:49 Bronze:33 top100:940 TotalScore:17,652,075
rank:57 location:Phat Turtle BBQ
Cave Creek, AZ
Gold:84 Silver:26 Bronze:33 top100:2488 TotalScore:39,003,973
rank:78 location:Broadway Bar & Grill
Nepean, ON
Gold:55 Silver:22 Bronze:33 top100:1852 TotalScore:41,992,515
rank:65 location:On The Rocks
Madison Heights, MI
Gold:71 Silver:21 Bronze:35 top100:3359 TotalScore:37,340,169
rank:20 location:Old Chicago Casper
Casper, WY
Gold:252 Silver:26 Bronze:36 top100:5396 TotalScore:55,653,675
rank:64 location:Famous Sam's #3
Tucson, AZ
Gold:71 Silver:26 Bronze:36 top100:2171 TotalScore:28,458,705
rank:60 location:Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill
Glendale, AZ
Gold:80 Silver:24 Bronze:37 top100:6562 TotalScore:52,561,185
rank:77 location:The Local - Pub & Grill
Stevenson Ranch, CA
Gold:56 Silver:30 Bronze:37 top100:1347 TotalScore:24,130,464
rank:31 location:Tracie's Place
Hamilton, ON
Gold:173 Silver:28 Bronze:38 top100:2348 TotalScore:25,156,390
rank:48 location:Moose McGuires
Gold:97 Silver:37 Bronze:38 top100:2797 TotalScore:40,160,059
rank:71 location:Big Guys
Winnipeg, MB
Gold:60 Silver:38 Bronze:39 top100:1844 TotalScore:31,756,752
rank:18 location:Dan McGuinness Pub
Southaven, MS
Gold:289 Silver:28 Bronze:40 top100:4995 TotalScore:56,759,726
rank:35 location:Griffins Grill
Los Alamitos, CA
Gold:157 Silver:29 Bronze:41 top100:5160 TotalScore:44,867,945
rank:92 location:No Frills Grill & Sports Bar 2
Fort Worth, TX
Gold:46 Silver:47 Bronze:41 top100:1238 TotalScore:26,838,153
rank:27 location:Buffalo Wild Wings St. Andrews
Mankato, MN
Gold:184 Silver:47 Bronze:42 top100:6351 TotalScore:74,827,517
rank:39 location:The Arena Bar & Grill
State College, PA
Gold:147 Silver:50 Bronze:42 top100:2305 TotalScore:45,059,665
rank:21 location:Toley's On The Creek
Aurora, CO
Gold:220 Silver:34 Bronze:45 top100:5733 TotalScore:51,909,732
rank:36 location:Lamppost Pizza Main Street Brewery
Corona, CA
Gold:156 Silver:29 Bronze:45 top100:4148 TotalScore:40,184,685
rank:30 location:Stained Glass Pub
Elkridge, MD
Gold:175 Silver:32 Bronze:47 top100:1759 TotalScore:20,817,656
rank:63 location:Ray J's American Grill
Woodbury, MN
Gold:71 Silver:62 Bronze:47 top100:2536 TotalScore:45,151,427
rank:46 location:Merk's Bar & Grill
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Gold:108 Silver:34 Bronze:48 top100:2549 TotalScore:37,783,821
rank:9 location:Bull and Firkin
Toronto, ON
Gold:609 Silver:31 Bronze:49 top100:8295 TotalScore:61,965,152
rank:42 location:Papa Gs Sports Bar and Grill Bedford
Bedford, TX
Gold:139 Silver:49 Bronze:49 top100:6536 TotalScore:90,426,118
rank:47 location:Rockin Crepes
Huntington Beach, CA
Gold:100 Silver:55 Bronze:50 top100:1840 TotalScore:31,539,125
rank:75 location:Danny K's Billiards & Sports Bar
Orange, CA
Gold:57 Silver:24 Bronze:52 top100:3678 TotalScore:58,745,704
rank:14 location:B & B Lounge
Spearfish, SD
Gold:444 Silver:30 Bronze:53 top100:5043 TotalScore:35,063,233
rank:25 location:Spectators Sports Bar and Grill
Albuquerque, NM
Gold:201 Silver:71 Bronze:56 top100:5703 TotalScore:95,268,901
rank:29 location:No Frills Grill
Arlington, TX
Gold:176 Silver:35 Bronze:56 top100:6580 TotalScore:100,894,467
rank:22 location:Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery
Kokomo, IN
Gold:215 Silver:56 Bronze:65 top100:5488 TotalScore:78,623,984
rank:10 location:Sandbar and Grill
Newport News, VA
Gold:561 Silver:66 Bronze:68 top100:3456 TotalScore:48,227,696
rank:17 location:Cameron's Pub & Restaurant
Half Moon Bay, CA
Gold:390 Silver:44 Bronze:76 top100:6063 TotalScore:43,260,194
rank:15 location:Zack's Place
Little Rock, AR
Gold:431 Silver:61 Bronze:87 top100:4874 TotalScore:64,233,814
rank:26 location:Teasers
Chicago, IL
Gold:199 Silver:85 Bronze:88 top100:3982 TotalScore:63,156,460
rank:32 location:Kilroy's Restaurant
Springfield, VA
Gold:167 Silver:74 Bronze:94 top100:3846 TotalScore:50,325,623
rank:59 location:Grumpy's Too Neighborhood Bar & Grill
Little Rock, AR
Gold:80 Silver:77 Bronze:95 top100:4359 TotalScore:64,584,329
rank:12 location:White Street Brewing Company
Wake Forest, NC
Gold:522 Silver:54 Bronze:98 top100:11041 TotalScore:101,557,760
rank:19 location:Touch of Class Gaming Room
Edmonton, AB
Gold:276 Silver:91 Bronze:102 top100:4251 TotalScore:59,346,717
rank:24 location:Minsky's Pizza
Kansas City, MO
Gold:204 Silver:73 Bronze:103 top100:3122 TotalScore:38,053,393
rank:2 location:Horseshu Sports Lounge
Edmonton, AB
Gold:1677 Silver:75 Bronze:111 top100:9243 TotalScore:79,933,764
rank:7 location:Primetime Sports Grill
Tampa, FL
Gold:672 Silver:107 Bronze:115 top100:7316 TotalScore:110,886,082
rank:40 location:Johnny Malloy's Medina
Medina, OH
Gold:145 Silver:115 Bronze:121 top100:4482 TotalScore:62,616,155
rank:4 location:30-70 Sports Bar & Grill
Westminster, CO
Gold:690 Silver:105 Bronze:126 top100:12099 TotalScore:105,132,409
rank:13 location:Bargos Grill & Tap
Fairfield, OH
Gold:479 Silver:118 Bronze:136 top100:6955 TotalScore:82,641,126
rank:8 location:Angry Pepper Waterside
Madeira Beach, FL
Gold:653 Silver:141 Bronze:139 top100:7103 TotalScore:82,085,138
rank:6 location:Surf Bar and Cocktail Lounge
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Gold:682 Silver:133 Bronze:152 top100:12397 TotalScore:127,437,424
rank:3 location:Grotto Pizza Grand Slam
Lewes, DE
Gold:925 Silver:269 Bronze:218 top100:6779 TotalScore:79,162,061
rank:11 location:Walsh's Bar and Grill
Westmont, IL
Gold:558 Silver:208 Bronze:222 top100:5330 TotalScore:83,272,313
rank:5 location:Sherby's Pub
Simpsonville, SC
Gold:687 Silver:275 Bronze:284 top100:7247 TotalScore:89,042,370
rank:1 location:Torrey Pines Pub
Las Vegas, NV
Gold:2428 Silver:406 Bronze:345 top100:13277 TotalScore:132,340,343

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