Buzztime Games

Saturday 8:00pm PT/9:00pm MT/8:00pm CT/9:00pm ET
Ask It Already is Buzztime Trivia… in reverse! We'll show you the answers first and then ask the question!
Tuesday 8:00/9:00/8:00/9:00
Ready for 15 minutes of mind-bending miscellany? BrainBuster will keep even the best and brightest on their toes!
Tuesday 5:30/6:30/5:30/6:30
Thursday 5:30/6:30/5:30/6:30
With Canada Eh?, Canucks will enjoy a mix of Canadian-themed trivia in areas such as history, politics, geography, sports, and entertainment!
Tuesday 6:30/7:30/6:30/7:30
Everything old is new again with Glory Daze, the game dedicated to those groovy bygone years and all that happened "back in the day."
Thursday 6:45/7:45/6:45/7:45
We all love to quote our favorite movie, TV shows or songs. Immortal Words will show if you really know where your favorite quotations came from!
Wednesday 8:15/9:15/8:15/9:15
Lexitopia will test what you really know about all of those words you haven't seen since taking the SATs!
Wednesday 8:00/9:00/8:00/9:00
Know much about History? PasTimes will blast you into the past with questions about the people, places and events that shaped our world.
Saturday 7:00/8:00/7:00/8:00
Perfect for music lovers, Playback is hour-long trivia game will get your toes tappin' to everything from Elvis to Metallica.
Wednesday 6:30/7:30/6:30/7:30
Boldly go where sci-fi fanatics have gone before! SciFiles is a science fiction trivia game that runs from moderate to advanced in difficulty.
Wednesday 7:00 PT/8:00 MT/7:00 CT/8:00 ET
Thursday 7:00/8:00/7:00/8:00
Six is a four-round game featuring questions from six categories: Sciences, World, Shows, Past, Games, and Arts! Do you have a six-th sense?
Tuesday 7:00/8:00/7:00/8:00
Showdown is the ultimate trivia challenge--a 60-minute game that touches on every subject imaginable!
Saturday 8:15/9:15/8:15/9:15
Think fast! For 15 minutes, Speed Freaks will pit you against the other players in your location to see who is the quickest.
Friday 7:00/8:00/7:00/8:00
Spotlight consists of five rounds of hot showbiz and celebrity events trivia. Win and be in the Buzztime spotlight!
Thursday 8:00/9:00/8:00/9:00
Friday 6:30/7:30/6:30/7:30
The subject matter for Topix is varied based on current events, specific requests, and our whims! Enjoy the ride!
Monday 5:00/6:00/7:00/8:00
From football to badminton, The Pulse is one-hour of challenging sports trivia that will get your brain buzzing about the latest on the topic.
Friday 8:00/9:00/8:00/9:00
Trendalicious Trivia is a 15-question Countdown-style game featuing hot topics that get us talking.
Thursday 6:30/7:30/6:30/7:30
Buzztime’s Tuned In is TV Trivia at its best. Just by playing it, you can put all those hours of watching TV to good use!